Prem flute / Locke n Cyan

Old server on k2 i probably remade 4 times all 300+.  got thru 406 gap and made it to 473 with 573 fams.  Then prandels dark days came…

And this server?.. ugh i feel so noob.

I have been scorning my own pets since 512.  Yes, i remade with 320 pets when my alts got deleted (my scorn tamer being one of them) and around this time guilds broke and i kinda quit.

Anyway these two are from tatga this server, level 20’s in the beginning.  One of the things i hated about my old pets, with all the remakes and time i had in them i knew i got them at 336, so i never got to see them grow really.  That bothered me so i corrected it this server.  And a year n 2, 3 months later we still DO NOT have prem flute……………..  Without it pets lose 25% xp every kill.

I have every intention to remake when we do get prem flute (and i keep hearing any week now) no matter what level i get to, i just keep grinding until then.  My goal remains the same, the highest pets in game, and atm, ik there’s 800+ fams on gale atleast.  So i got my work cut out for me.

Its funny, ik its just data, but i  get attached to my pets.  I don’t see how tamers can grind with pets for a month plus then just throw them away for something better (retaming, diff pet, w/e).  I know a tamer that tames “sets” of pets just to keep spice on all day… ya, that’s not me.

I’ve had these 2 since level 20 and a day will come when ill see them at 999 without praise.  Just gonna take time.. and ya, Prem flute.


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another random noob tamer
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