Rage gm

Rage probably isn’t known well outside of Unfo.  Atleast we never gvg, turn outs for sw’s have been poor past few weeks.  To most it’s only an alt guild.

Soiled started this guild roughly a year ago, its basically Shadowthrone from K2. Soiled left and gm went to Missbeasty, then Macspiffens (Uzi) for bout a month, then i took if for bout a month and I stepped down due to personal issues.  Now Its in Munzo’s hands.

I know this is just an alt guild, but i would still like it to succeed.  Atleast get lev 4 hall.  Honestly Rage belongs in a level 3 hall atm with the current actives, but with gm issues it has fallen to 2.  Hopefully Munz changes this and least makes Rage more well known since I’m guessing most see Rage as just a storage guild.. which its not, far from it.

Anyway, this is my way of making Rage more public and Hail to the new gm  🙂


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another random noob tamer
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