A welcome maintenance?

Ugh, game goes down for four hours just when i log in…  But this maintenance might be cool

Adding a few items to astro shop?  I’ve been hearing for bout a month now prem flute was coming any week.  If we actually get it I can finally remake my tamer  :D. Flute giving pets 25% more xp then tamer at all times is awesome!

Ya I know its a ton of do over work.  Atm Klien is 530 and has max on most titles, mq “done” with fourth redstone completed. I’m just waiting on extractor to turn that one in.  I’ve done tamer’s master quest so many time’s I’m beyond sick of it. Not to mention “remake” is another 200 levels of plvlees.  Ppl that want pt to just sit on their ass and leech.  I hate noob maps with a passion anymore.

But on the other hand it Really sux when tamers 100 levels lower then you have the same damage.  Klien has 46+’s atm (no light pet).  more then a few pro tamers I know, but my pets levels kill me. Gem room for example.  I grind there alot lately and I Have to have 1 pet spiced or run foggy.  Having noob pets i need scorn atleast 1/4 of the time.. and obviously cloudy is always a main stay with fams.  Game only allows 2 actives at once tho.

A remake will change that and I should be able to get the levels back fairly  quick with 500+ mage, thief, priest and rsd 5.  Trust me, I’ve weighed the pro’s and con’s in the past year.  Pretty much know what I’m getting into.

Will prem flute be there when I’m able to log in?  idk, that screenie and rumors lead me to believe that, but i’ve been told before and only logged into disappointment.


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One Response to A welcome maintenance?

  1. Zig says:

    You too bussy reborning to update the blog now haha Santa came earlier this year.

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