After 18 months on this server we finally got prem flute, so i decided to remake.  Least now i can catch the gvg tamed tamers, maybe even pass them.  For those that claim I’m a bug abuser look around you, before update 99% of tamers were gvg tamers.  I do believe I’m the 1% that never wanted that option.. anyway..

Its pretty sweet right?  Gives pets 26% xp over tamer at all times  :).  So i got it and remade Klien from 530 to level 1.  Took him to metal golems n got bw somewhat quick, don’t think it took an hr with Palidor.  Even tho he nixed Kliens beginner title he is my rsd toon and lev 5 helps.

Stayed there till 80ish, went to colossus a bit and tw b4 till i was dark fire level, 145ish. And done dark fire and sub parble boss till my current level.

536 from level 20  :p, these are tatga fams, remember

anyway.. Update seems to have screwed parble boss room for plvl.  All bosses in there are only 1 xp now.. so i sat on a single parb boss spawn for a bit. Got a few titles back.

Including the dreaded tamer title.. I’ve done that quest so many times.. ugh.  And got a little ways into MQ again.

I need to complete this around 240, least that’s the soonest you can complete MQ.  Pets wont have maxed dmg buffs till 280, but I”m gonna need the xp bonus from MQ and sooner i can start collecting redstones to get Klien’s virtue up the better.


Not a single U so far to update drops screenie, but like i said, Kliens wisdom atm.

I think I’ll stay wis till least 400.  Around that point I should be able to get 1601 luck with gears.  I dont care to show my stats here, seems like most don’t like to share this info  :), but idc, can change them at any point.

Anyway, think that’s it up to this point and from my last blog post.  Take it easy Prandel.




About Klien

another random noob tamer
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