Remade 1.1

Sup Prandel.  I’ve forgotten how much i hated the grind, but my tamer is slowly making progress.

I made my first cancer run today, only had one run because of mq sd’s. Didn’t get to run sg at all, mq took my sd runs n I grinded thru those levels.

Pets have gained 19 levels since tamer lev 54  :).  Prem flutes pretty awesome.  Locke n Cyan are in the 80m + xp a level range and will gain 20+ well before tamer is 300.


Completed MQ today.

Solo’d pretty much all the mq sd’s but I took Biwi with me in first chap 4 one.   Last chap 4 sd was cake. I guess i was worried over nothing.



I took heaven path and chose virtue reward since its the fastest way to xp boost, which is my main concern.

I think with further rewards I’ll get 10% max hp reward.  It gives 10 virtue anyway and it might pay off in the long run seeing i wont have to make extra heaven runs just to get the max 100% hp bonus.  2 birds with one stone kinda thing.

My virtue atm is 16.



With MQ behind me its one less thorn in my side. Now I can start collecting redstone pieces for xp boost (need least 30 virtue to activate it)




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