Remade 1.2

Got pets to 555 today, as Laks would say palindrome level :).

Managed to get 300 bench mark too, its a slow but sure climb.

Sadly a few old friends still have not returned and Laks is one of them, ya she has a toon but is seldom on.  Her reality is too busy i assume. No Mean or Dark yet either, but i think the other AoG’s are playing here n there… anyway

I spent the last few days in Swep and outer demon.  Demons great, but i kinda need teeth to make Demon pay off.

I conned Down into luring for me yesterday

Cuz of his level he kinda ditched when i added another.  Xp gets bad with several in pt which i can understand.  I don’t mind helping ppl as long as they contribute.  It really bothers me to add ppl and not even 5 mins into pt they find reasons to leech, or have alts and expect me to grind with 3+ toons which are all the same person  Its not my job to plvl anyone and a good 80% of Prandel is just lazy as hell and expects others to do the work for them.  My roads hard enough as it is, I’m not carrying anyone else with me.

Added Ama to pt today and he grinded with me for bout a level to 300.

Even tho i can easily solo I’m not gonna deny a guildie pt.  Far as Klein’s emblem goes, um when i remade I joined AoG (storage guild) for gm bonuses and its cost me in the long run.  Level 1 hall can only run gd b1 and cosmo allows higher floors IF you have the ticket. Cosmo wont let me buy higher floor tickets and exchange ticket npc is broken, so I’ve kinda been screwed on gd’s for the past 80ish levels.  I plan to rejoin Rage on the 22nd (soonest i can i believe) and retake that emblem.  Hopefully help Rage take n keep a higher hall and i can pt with Don for gd’s.

Redstone pieces..

ya, i got mq done but pieces seem to be like reborn, any toon 100+ levels in pt wont give redstone drops.  Took me 17 tamer levels to figure that out.  Took Pal out of pt and within 15 mins

So now i can collect them.  17 levels is a ton of lost time, but I don’t need 50 till 7 days on the extractor so I suppose I have time.  Not doing too bad tho,

have piece’s atm.

Pal does have better damage, least he can still take agro from Klien with both pets spiced and he has rsd 5, but redstones are kinda a priority atm. So i only pt with him when I’m out of spice and still have antoher level or 2 in me.

Well my grind back to 500+ continues.  Take it easy Prandel.


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another random noob tamer
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One Response to Remade 1.2

  1. Sykes says:

    Nice read, keep it up 🙂
    hope to see you some more ingame!

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