Sup Prandel, spending most my rs days grinding.

Managed to get 340 today, past “9f gap”.  Never ran that sd, but heard it was difficult and didn’t want to take any chances with pets dying.  So i grinded swep 20 past it.

Grinded with tini and Jell on 11, seems Jell lives 90 mins from me.  Guess its a small world.

Ran nameless with skyz, he helped me get my 3rd daily run a few times.

Grinded in other pt’s on 11, here’s one with Jell and Epica.  Epica is Dartinggirl from K2, a thief i pt’d up with in 406 gap on old server.  This server hes a remade tamer as well with high suc’s.  Me n him make a good team.

330 – 340 i pretty much camped swep 20.  Except for a few ks probs from opium (a prin in defcon) it went fairly smooth.

With my wisdom i don’t think those 10 levels took 14 hrs and i remember that gap used to take 30 hr’s.. pro wis ftw  🙂

Pt’d up with John in 20 for an hr or so.  Dropped xp 15%ish, but his aoe don’t need agro like Pal’s does and the company was nice. Panda is Lovleysailor, an old AoG for those that might remember him.

When i got 340 figured I’d get a few more titles.

And far as mq goes I got my 50 pieces the other day and quest update

However, Farb won’t talk to me until 7 days pass on my extractor

So the 20th at 8:31 i can get another redstone and turn in for hp% reward.


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another random noob tamer
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