Back in Black

Finally rejoined Rage today  :).  Joining AoG (storage) was a major mistake, i lost bout 10 days of gd’s.  But now i can pt up with Don and solo b3.  I get 19m a solo run in b3, better then the 16m from porin.


I still have a ways to go to get 530 again b4 i can grind with my alts, but i think I’m making pretty good progress.  361 in roughly 15 days and pets have gained 45 levels since reborn  :).

Klien is luck now btw, with me grinding in Molinar /Porin I figured I might as well try for drops.  Tamer’s default stat being wisdom I still have 20% xp increase so its not so bad.


I completed another redstone on the 20th,  then i ran heaven path.

And took hp reward.

This will be pretty major after i redeem it 10 times with it eventually giving 100% max hp.

Also I noticed something on virtue.  Seems i was misinformed.  30+ is not needed for xp reward.  20+ is and it is active as i have confirmed it.

Its something how mq will give 90% light res to all toons eventually.  It will essentially make angels worthless on the pvp field.

Anyway, I got 50 more rs pieces within 2 days for next reward and once again, I’m waiting for 7 days on extractor to get redstone and run reward path for 10% more hp and a slight xp bonus increase.

When Kliens virtue gets 50+ it will double Pal’s rsd.  Having 26 virtue atm, this is still 3 weeks away, but I’m not complaining.

Things can only go up from here  :).  Take it easy Prandel.

About Klien

another random noob tamer
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