Managed to get another benchmark level.

400  :).  next mark will be 440 since i will avoid OS sd like the plague.  I’ve ran this gap twice now.  This will be the third run.  Least i still have a few days of Porin n gd’s to help me along the way.

Unfo had a gvg against fresh today.  We lost 10k – 9k but least it wasn’t a slaughter like Unfo’s last few gvg’s were.

Pal’s first kill in a long time :).  idc if he was 200 levels under me, monks aren’t easy to take down.  I spent most of the gvg chasing the angel luxie but every time i got him near death the noob called full pt and i tried to take out darkspeed since he was the main healer.  Taking out the healer mage gives unfo a big leg up.  But eh, even with 80 – 100 tsrk i still barely budged his hp.  He’s prob a pure health mage. I ran out of cp pots good 10 mins from end so had to go thief.

I did get Pals monk ew 6 other day.  Figured since i go monk alot in pvp and the 1/3 power glove pal used kinda sucked.

The ew 6 way better for dmg monk  :).  the 20k crits with tsrk he throws using this glove in pve is pretty awesome


Hmm, completed yet another redstone.

ran heaven and got hp boost again on tamer.

Atm this bonus gives roughly 150 hp.  Ya, ik that’s very minor but as i stack this bonus and improve Kliens base health it will be pretty effective.

Also this bonus gave me another .5% xp increase with the 10 more added to virtue.  Ya, i know that’s very minor but it all adds up when you grind for a few hours.


Have 50 rs pieces again.. er had

.. and you guessed it, waiting for 7 day’s on extractor for next boost  :).


About Klien

another random noob tamer
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