406 gap’s a memory

Ugh, got thru 406 gap for the 3rd time since I’ve been a Prandelian. I managed to beat it this time in 5 days even tho it seems like it took forever.  Pets done really good in it i think, those 40 tamer levels got pets another 20.

Atm tamer needs roughly 55m a level and pets need 125m a level.  2 tamer levels plus 26% xp from prem flute easily gives pets a level and it will only improve.  Soon pets will gain a level for every 1.75 tamer levels, every 1.5 tamer levels… soon 1 for every tamer level and its all tnx to prem flute  :).  Its nice to never be able to catch pets.

Random screenies from gap…

Spent a good 10 levels at delf probably.  I do need Drake plume, Troll second and i need a Safe Cage and i get this pro u armor… pfft

This is where pets reached 600 mark  :D.  Gogo 700!!

Another screenie at delf. When we got a lurer i switched to Pal for aoe.  His dmg is still about = to Kliens fams so.. i use him here and there.

When we got 2x i  dropped an S Apachian in os b1

This will be a very pro dxu for Pal.  I’ll use remove kits and get rid of those worthless prefixes on it and try my luck with a mix box with a very nice limited dart i dropped in gem room.

I have 75 of those darts so with a mix box and some luck i can add it to Apachian 1-3 times.

Did you notice the 150% to human damage on the dxu?

With Pals build and this mixed dxu he will do 200’s easily in pvp with the ax/stats alone.  I can get some skill gear to where he gets a 12 dt.  With +skill and accuracy gear someday Pal will do 2400 dmg (with no crits) a single dt  :D.

My plans for Pal is strongest thief in game and his dmg already matches thiefs 100 levels over him so he’s well on his way.

Sides the S Apac U i got some nice earrings grinding in swep 11 on 2x.

At Klien’s current level those add bout 800 to hp  :).

Hmm, this is getting long so guess I’ll just mention that i completed yet another redstone and ofc, took hp bonus.

2500 hp with just gear and 1/2 anti.  I have never added a single point into health yet  🙂

and with 10 virtue this bonus gives it bumped my xp up another .5%.

Next Redstone a week from now will give tamer 50+ virtue and that should double rsd’s xp effect.  So ya, Klien is definitely getting there.

About Klien

another random noob tamer
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