Since games down, figured I’d make a post about my thief.

only 531, so still kinda noob in “todays” prandel, but i plan to grind him again soon as tamer catches him.  2-3 weeks i’m guessing.

Just like old server Pal is power build again.  His 3 main skills at rest.  No intu, no arch, no badges.

Throwing knives, yep i maxed it.  Even if it only hits every mob once before dt kicks in its a nice minor cp gainer.


DT, Pals main dmg skill.  Going by Pal’s current level this is pretty good.  Since I’ve seen thieves 100+ levels over him with only a 5k dt.


Pal’s aoe.  Its great in a pt.  Since it requires agro on you or a pt member its not so great solo since that requires luring.  I’d rather run and kill on sight.


5k’s at his level is nice, but Pal will reach 20k’s by 700 (hopefully).

If you were curious how Pal averages 4-6k at his level it’s from his stats/gear.

Fix’s?  Ya, i don’t use them.  Guild bonus gives roughly 50 – 60 stats and I’d rather have a dmg % ring instead of a fixed one.  8 rings aren’t many really and I’d rather not waste any slots.

Pal will never be luck, 576 is a min at his level.  Let the luck thieves rely on crits while Pal owns mobs outright.

I  hope to reach 3201 power benchmark on him eventually., but luck will always be a minimum.  Although I might up alc for accuracy concerns down the road. Damage is meaningless if you can’t connect.



Pal still needs gear.  Drake plume, Bsting, Statue boots and Stray stalker.  But the “end game” gear i have on him atm


I will get this to 10 someday, but atm 7 is the highest Pal can equip.  I prefer the 150% human dmg on Apachian but the 5% fatal on this ew compliments Pal’s hollow ring nicely.


Pal’s ww.  This will most likely be an end game cape.  I just need to enchant higher dmg % on it.  I might opt for hero’s proof with higher dmg % enchant if i ever drop one of those.



I’m guessing this belt and eventually 100% max hp boost from mq will give Pal more then enough hp.  But we’ll see in bout 150 more levels.


Atm Pal only has 2 end game rings. This hollow’s and a 15% dmg hard fist (that i seem to have forgotten to screenie and game is down atm).

With resist rings I’ll only have 3 slots available for end game so I’ll prob try to get 2-3 more hollow’s and another 15% hard fist.


So that’s Pal’s gear n w/e and it’s why my tamer with 600+ fams has a hard time getting agro from him.

When games up maybe I’ll add a video clip of Pal soloing dark fire or something.   In the mean time I’ll seek the 4 dxu’s mentioned above and most importantly, get Pal some levels in the coming weeks.

And my quest for strongest thief in Prandel continues…


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2 Responses to Palidor

  1. 48923 says:

    just thought would let you know.

    L&K User Account Transfer:

    transfer your account on dec 21st, well not much play now anyways we got updates but yea. Most just do weekly raid bosses for now and if there are exp events than play.

    • Klien says:

      Thank you for the notice but i haven’t played in almost 2 years. Wouldn’t be much of a loss to have my toons deleted. I won’t bother with the transfer.

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