Crawling thru Spine

Sry for no update in awhile.  Levels getting really slow lately and seems its all i can do to just get 3 levs a day.

Atm I’m 54 levels behind my alts so I can pt them and not worry bout not getting redstone pieces.  Actually when i grind in miz (i get 26 – 28k a kill there so its ok) I can get my alts redstone pieces too since they all have mq completed as well

From last tamer n pet screenie tamer gained 36 levels and pets 22  :).  Thanks to a new dxu i conned out of Aki…

Pets grow even faster  :).  Atm with Tamer needing 66m a level n pets needing 136m a level..  and with flute/helm bonuses, pets gain 2 levels for every 3 tamer levels.

This helm stacks with prem flute and gives Locke n Cyan 66% more xp.  Thats 41% more then tamer.  Its pretty sweet, like having a level 66 scorn on at all times that’s always active.

Only bad thing is this helm and prem flute cost me +16 skills to grind with and even tho pets almost 200 levels over mobs I kinda need spice to grind.  Which results in slower kills, slower xp, but its all about the pets level, right?


Managed to upgrade Pals rsd a few days ago.

5% more xp and pt’ing just Pal actually gives Klien more xp then soloing so its a nice little bonus.  Do you see the part where it says good and absolute good doubles rsd?


I assumed Klien was “good” going by his virtue rate.  Ya, last Wednesday I got his virtue past 50 with another heaven run… anyway it don’t seem to give Klien 60% more xp pt’d with Pal.  Broken?  or I’m missing something.  The other bonuses that have kicked in with 50+ virtue are nice tho.  .5% more xp and 10% off shop prices.  I’m pretty sure this applies to repairing gears too which will be the real money saver.



A rage guildie needed help taming and we tried for over 90 mins and we walked away with nothing.  Poor support toons, so i figured I’d make another taming team like i had on K2.

I wont get prem on them and will prob only level them in gd’s for awhile. But i can get them pro gears grinding and in a few months if i do need them gd’s alone will make them useful.

Ya, i made a spirit too since they are very useful for body stackers in sw’s.  Figured I’d level them all at the same time.



That’s my journeys up to this point.  1 more day, 1 more level.  Take it easy Prandel.



About Klien

another random noob tamer
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