Sup Prandel.  Wasn’t planning to post til i got 500, but games down for maintenance so..

My most recent screenie with my tamer at 495 with pets base 648.

I remember thinking around 450 that hopefully pets would get 640 time tamer got 500.  The old “end game” level.  But looks like they will get 650  :).  They are growing faster then even I expected tbh.

O, i rejoined Unfo Sunday to help with the current guild tournament.  I’ve missed that emblem.


Grinding in Gem room lately and I ran into Thom, he’s an old friend from K2 and one of the few from famous I always liked.   Not that I have any probs with that guild, but ppl assume I do so.. meh.

I’ve started going to the gem room for money.   Rats drop 1500 gold and alot of stackables there worth 100k gold plus.

With hp mq bonus getting near completion I’m gonna need alot of money soon to start building end game gears.  Prefix upgrade for example, like converting a 1/3 to a 1/2 costs 300m.  And i have alot of wisdom/luck gears that need upgraded.  So I’m gonna need alot of money in the near future.

My current funds are roughly 95m.  Ya pathetic ik, but in the past few days that I’ve been favoring gold over xp I’ve made roughly 37m.  So ya, I grind gem room 20ish levels early. Plus this is a good place to drop Pals statue boots and a 1/3 wisdom dart if i can get lucky enough.


Went to Mol today pursuing my money efforts after gvg tourney (unfo beat fresh btw 37k to 3k  🙂 )  and dropped a pretty nice ring.  Its rare i actually find gear better then what i have but its cool when i do.

This ring replaces the 197% i used to use on Klien, sold old one for 3.5m.



Completed heaven path again yesterday and dragged line along with me this time.  In the 8, 9 times i’ve ran this sd this was the first time i didn’t solo it.

Ofc took hp reward, its half done on tamer at this point.


I really don’t have many screenies this time which is kinda lame so I’ll just leave you with a smile from a random gc convo.

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another random noob tamer
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2 Responses to 495

  1. Sykes says:

    Damn, u leveling so fast -_-
    i wish i could keep up with that, but i guess i’m too lazy 😦

    nice ring u got there!
    So Kaijiuo is line? like ____ and _______ from old server? didn’t know that 🙂

    and lmao at that wc from Zabuza 😀

  2. Klien says:

    Tnx 🙂 n ya, hes “line” from K2.

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