Gem room

I’m pretty much Gem room level now.   From last tamer screenie tamer gained 23 levels and pets got 16 levels.

There really starting to grow fast compared to tamers levels and they need to to be Prandels highest.  I think atm Spacerock has the highest fams at 809 and 811.  Kush, Sweet and them have 770, 780ish base i think.

I’d do the calculations and see what level my pets will get time Klein is 725 but that kinda ruins it.  I’m expecting 840 – 850ish base which will make them highest on this server and thats my goal.

There pretty mean now tho  :).  Averaging 14k and 50k crits in pve and 140’s and 500 crits in pvp.

I believe a pets “age” is part of its strength.  And my pets are only slightly behind other “pro” tamers dmg wise and still a good 100 levels below em.  Locke and Cyan are almost 2 years old.  I tamed them in tatga mine at 20 around Feb. 13th 2010 on LnK’s server. Amongst all the gvg tamed tamers, they are the oldest pets on this server. Hopefully someday the strongest.


Except for grinding I’m still focused on gold for 1/2’s from mq.  I think i had around 50m last post and atm my funds are

So ya, I’m getting there, almost at 300m and i can upgrade my 1/3 luck gloves into 1/2.

160m in a week?  Well I get money from everywhere honestly.

4 toons that can farm tmaps getting 260k’ish each when gold is found.

Earth pet that picks up every gold drop.  Selling noob drops for 200k to 1m.

And some nice stackables from gem room help out my bank.

A 1/2 isn’t to far away for me  :).  And i plan to make luck gears first.  Get Kliens luck as high as possible and hopefully make the valuable U’s more common.  Formguard, Necro cavity, ect and sell them and make easier money to upgrade my gears.   With 4 toons that can claim an mq reward every 7 days gold is the only thing slowing me down really.


Oh, i did get a promotion the other day.

This is a pretty coveted spot seeing unfo’s population and only 10 vices.  Pretty much have to wait for someone to die to get vice in unfo, But sadly Druss quit and freed up a vice slot and Joe offered it to me.
Well, grinding and seeking gold are all I’ve done really since last post.  No nice drops to mention, a few cool gvg’s, but they have there own section on my blog now.

So i guess that’s it for this post.  GL on the drops Prandel.



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another random noob tamer
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3 Responses to Gem room

  1. Sykes says:

    really nice fams u getting there.
    i’m just wondering, u never wanna rebirth? since i heard all pets go back to lvl 1 then :/
    which would be really sad in your case…

  2. Klien says:

    A rebirth gets pets to his new level. so rebirth to say 425, then your pets go to 425. So ya, that would really suck for my tamer. I plan to rebirth my alts, Palidor probably, Don and val still undecided.

    A rebirth for Klien isn’t necessary. All it does is give a circle under you and give you +100 stats 1st rebirth, +200 2nd and so on. With mq its possible to make 3/2 gears. Say 3/2 luck gloves on a 700 tamer? 350 + 350 + 350 = 1050 +luck. and a little more if the glvoes are say luck clutch which adds +50 luck.

    You get a few of these gears and honestly, rebirth is stupid. who cares bout +600 stats from multi rb’s and months of hrs and hrs of grinding when just 1 pro gear gives almost twice that bonus? Nah, mq is where its at, rebirth is for ppl that have way to much free time on their hands.

  3. Sykes says:

    i tought they stay at level 1 😀
    well yeah, when we get more rebirths, stats really start to add up 🙂

    and making a 3/2 luckclutch 😀 that will take some luck hehehe.

    but you’re probably right, you don’t need to rebirth if u don’t want to 🙂

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