Managed to get into vest sd the other day.  This sd pays 1.5m gold per toon per run.  Will help greatly in my recent quest for greed. My 4 toons make  me 12m a day in less then 10 minutes  🙂

Klien uses a level equip badge to wear the Gleam Joker dxu helm which equips at 538.  I have to have this helm since it gives 15% more pet xp on top of the 51% from prem flute.

When i reach 538 tho I plan to break Kliens orb and try to get as many vest runs with my 4 toons as possible.  Seeing Vestiges sd goes till 585 i can milk this for awhile.  50 levels, 2 days for one level without prem.  You can do the math.

Rest of my days are spent farming tmaps and if I’m on game and bored I’ll take tamer item farming in molinar for a bit.



Gm’s started making signs in Brun.  See the message i get when i click on them?  GM-Sylidar has too much time on his hands.


Last nights Maintenance added a few new items and tbh I’m not real happy.  Look at these prizes.

Yes, its a firework, a 95 astro firework, expensive?.. Nope, cuz. you buy this thing, have it in your inventory and send a ticket and the GM’s will change your toons name…..

Now all the dbags who have harassed and pissed ppl off can appear as a completely new toon to others.  Enemies are now in the shadows.. standing right beside you leaving you in ignorance.


Look what else is in the Astro shop for 95 astros.  Yep, thats a mix box, no longer does it take a massive amount of effort and 1b gold.  Now any nab with $5 can just buy one.

Add this onto mini pets… and Global Redstone is truly a pay to play game.  If you don’t buy these things you will be left behind.  No matter how much time you put into this game grinding and farming.  The guy who plays 15 mins and drops $100 into it a week will always outclass you.

I’m not a poor player, tbh i dump a good amount of money into this game.  But ik many just don’t..  And the few that do put $1k+ a month into this game will never be caught.

Prandels not about the most dedicated player anymore.  its the guy who has the most real world money.

So ya, atm I’m not doing much.. running sd’s premless and farming tmaps.  This last maintenance is just… disappointing.



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another random noob tamer
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