As Laksmi would say, palindrome level 😀

Tamers up 18 levels and pets have grown 15 levs from last tamer screenie.  They’re getting there  :).

To be honest i really don’t grind much lately but most seem to think i do?  Maybe they are just getting lazy for me to bury them so easy, i just know i don’t grind 8-10 hr back to back days like i used to.

Back then i was impressive.. now i’d rather sit and talk in msn/skype or w/e when i’m by the pc.   But i guess 18 levs in a week at this level isn’t too bad so I’ve obviously grinded some, just not like i used to.

And no, i’m not wisdom okas.

I is luck tamer  :).  Least with what i can afford to be anyway.  damn t’s req 400 charis ( I REALLY need 2 more tankraft rings to get rid of the t rings Klien carries) and the jester helm which sadly.. i have to have req’s 280 power.  Health?  that’s all from 1/2 anti and earth pet.  I still have not added to that stat.


Hmm, so my past week.. still focused on monies ofc

Roughly 420m so far.  Yep, ran mq reward yesterday.  But decided to wait until i can mix a few 1/3 luck gloves. Would like to get least 2 on the same glove before i tried upgrading.  Figured it would be dumb to make 1/2’s now since i know i’ll mix them in the future.  With the success of mix box I’d much rather lose 1/3’s then lose 1/2’s.


So ya, didn’t go down red devils path yesterday.  Ran heaven path with Joe (tnx for waiting 5 hrs for me btw) and got.. you guessed it, more hp  🙂

80%  :p.  2 more heaven runs and hp bonus is maxed on tamer.


Hmm.. I do get alot of compliments on this blog (even from ppl that i don’t even know sometimes)  and I’m glad so many like it.  Without you guys its just some nab tamer mumbling to himself.. and i do enough of that in game  :).

Btw, a guild mate of mine decided to make a blog a few days ago and he’s linked on the upper right.  Would be cool if ya’s dropped in on Aprox and reminded him Klien likes donations to support his cause.

Personally I would like to see alot more Prandel blogs based on the global server and the ppl’s travels in it.  Its a good way to get to know the player/person behind the toon.

If anything its more advertisement for OG and I think we can all agree our Prandel needs more ppl.


Well, guess that’s it for this post.  Short on screenies and short on stories  :).  Till next time Prandel


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another random noob tamer
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