The obligatory tamer n pet screenie :p.

Tamers only 28 levels from 600.   Locke and Cyan should get 22, 24 levels in that time frame which will put them at 730 base.  Bout 40ish levs behind the average gvg tamers who are low 700’s with 770ish pets.

Yep yep, i just need to grind tamer and Locke and Cyan will be the highest ex fams on our server by the time tamer gets around 640ish 🙂


MQ~  Considering remaining heaven runs…

  1. Klein had 80% hp,
  2. Pal 40%,
  3. Don 50%
  4. and Val 50%.


So i decided just to take Klein and Pal to heaven this week for hp

Atm hp bonus from mq is at 90% on Klein.  1 more run to go on this  🙂


With latest hp run I also  managed to max virtue on Klien this week.

The bonuses max virtue gives if any were curious can be seen in the screenie.



Then I took Don n Val down to red devils and they brought me back some nice things.  🙂


Klien’s original luck glove





The reward i chose from Red Devils.



What it cost me.




and my new Shiny  🙂







As screenies above show the prefix upgrade only cost me 100m,  not 300m like I’ve mentioned in earlier posts.  It  seems i was misinformed.

Although to be honest I’m kinda glad 1/2’s only cost 100m cuz i was convinced they were 300m.

But i got some bad info and originally purchased the 300m reward at first.

It didn’t give me the 1/2 but it did improve a junk tat i had

This was just a junk +2 tamer tat that i was saving for mix box down the road.

Figured I’d mix it with Kliens +3 and maybe get a +5 (+3 n +2)  tat.  But used the 300m reward i had on it and upgraded it to 4  :).

Now Klien has an extra +3 tat to maybe mix with this one someday.



I’ve been telling ppl for a long time Main quest leads to uber gears and i finally managed to get a few nice gears myself from it today. 1/2 luck glove n +4 tamer tat  :).

Only cost me 400m.  That may seem like alot but gear >  gold and i still have just over 150m and now i know exactly which reward to get next week and even if i dont play this game at all, vesti will still net me 84m gold  in 7 days time.  So ya, more 1/2’s  coming my way soon.  🙂





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  1. Gloomy says:

    Hello. I was wondering how did you get Daze’s fams to the 700s? Are they from GvG tame as well?

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