G’ Evening Prandel

I managed to get 596 tonight, ya might as well say pets are 728 since they have 186m xp and are only 4m shy of 728.  Tamer is slowly gaining on them, but they are still 132 levels ahead and i can praise them to 802 atm  :).



Anyway, um, things haven’t been too eventful past few weeks.  Last MQ run i got a few more 1/2’s.  so i have 3 now. Gloves, Shoes n Neck.

With luck gears i can get Kliens luck to 2937 atm and still equip prem flute and jester helm for pet xp while i grind.

So ya, 1/3 luck helm n flute would give me bout 400 more luck for the 3201 benchmark…  but it would do so at the sacrifice of my pets.  so… no tnx.

I did do this monster hunt event thing OG had this past weekend.  I should get a restat from it tomorrow.  I’ll use it to get rid of kliens 400 charisma (I hate t’s anyway) and remove the 100ish i dumped into his wisdom the past 140ish tamer levels. Then add those extra stats into Luck.

With that restat Klien will have 3201 luck!  I’m hoping that increases my drops greatly cuz the next bench mark… Is 6401 and it’s 100+ more levels and mixed become happy 1/2 gears…

so ya, it wont come easy. But 6401 is possible without rebirth which is kinda nice.   Just need multi pro gears.. which im working on  8)


Kliens Eternal~

I’ve had ew flute 6 forever, and a back up ew 5 i made when i rebirthed.  Jay mentioned he had cosmo stone and since i had a good 50 relics, 20 mysts and 10 tanpos I figured I’d try for 7 with jays help.


Really ew 6 – ew 9 for a tamer is only more hp.  Since it don’t add more skills till ew 10.

Which is why I never bothered with it before.  Just figured i had plenty of materials and Jay had cosmo so..



Although if you watch an Eternal Weapon level 7

(flute in tamers right hand)———–>

you’ll see it glows Red which is cool.



Well,  i guess that’s it.  I’ve uploaded all my pvp videos i have atm.  I still need to add a few dxu’s n stuff to drops.  But as far as main page goes…  cya next week Prandel.



About Klien

another random noob tamer
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