G’ Morn Prandel.

I’ve slowed down on levels alot. From my last post to this one my level shows it.

Lately if i’m not running sd i’m farming in Porin or Molinar trying to get drops for money.

atm I’m just over

sitting on 4 redstones.

Although the next gear to improve is my Safe Cage and its 500m a prefix so.. ya, I’ve got a ways to go.

I can get good drops with 3201 luck but i can farm for a few hrs and get nothing but garbage too.

Stackables are still a steady increase in gold.

But i get tired of picking them up only to fill inventory and have to go to town to sell them. I’d much prefer trans or something that’s an easy 70+m sale.


So Ego’s?..

I teamed up with Ayaka alot 430 – 480 at delf. Plvl’d this nub more then a few times. He joins famurs and not a few weeks later he gets the I’m invincible mentality.

Gotta wonder where it comes from cuz when i think of famous I see this guy.

Brun +1 – Myst 0

A dude that has played for more then 16 hrs a day, Everyday for months.. and now complains that he’s hit the proverbial wall. I just laugh right along with the others when it comes to famurs anymore.

But they still think they special in some right simply by donning the fish.

This is where Uzi’s diagnosis fits..


ah, I don’t care much, let Ayaka say n do as he/she plz’s. Prandel is Not my life. When i’m on game I’m farming or helping friends out in some way. I dont have mynsbigr-itis 🙂

Take care Prandel, till next week.


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another random noob tamer
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