Alliance of the Godz


Anyone out there remember the G?


Recently some old friends have mentioned my old guild from K2 server n early LnK.


Ang used to be AoG, most prob didn’t know that.
In a way i owe him since when I remade my tamer after Marino (yep, ik it was you) deleted my scorn tamer, Don and Val on me back in June of ’10 and Ang was one of the ppl that helped me rebuild.

btw.. seems people think I gvg tamed my pets? Nope, I’ve had them since level 20. I always hated gvg tamers. Hopefully that screenie helps prove what an idiot Dave is.

Anyway.. Most know i quit early fall last year after guilds broke again. But i returned early February cuz i’m an addict i suppose =)

AoG is just a storage guild atm. Unforgiven has given me a place to call home since Feb. now and I’ve made new friends. But ya, I miss the past and its cool to see some ppl still remember.

So um, like last post mentioned kinda focused on Palidor atm. Klien does level in sd’s. He’s 623 with 751 fams atm i think, so he’s making progress but past 10ish days Pal’s been my focus. I think i got him prem at 558?
Pt’d up with grave a bit helping him out at gem with rsd.
Easy levels =). 1 2 hr 2x event Grave got Pal 78m at his level. I offered to kill but guess Grave didn’t want to wait on spawns.

This past weekends 20 hr ph I pt’d up with Dreamer and Goku. We took 20 min killing shifts and it went pretty well. Dropped another set of BB shoes during event.. since i had 5 sets atp, i figured i’d sell a few.
Carni cut out with a good 3 hrs to go of event and Wes took his spot to leech.

Pt’d up with Ferk alot in Golden and bmd. He lured while i killed. We made a pretty good team.

and ofc, i helped Pali out =).

Pal’s 592 atm and I’m pretty sure i picked him up at 557, 558. His orb expires the 6th, so 12 days past? 34 levs in 12 days is good for me, these are slow levs you know =)

K, guess i’ll end this post with a smile. Few weeks ago a few power within nubs set up stalls in our gh. so alot of ppl from unfo returned the favor =)
Sadly i couldnt get all the stalls in the screenie. But unfo had a good 5, 6 stalls up =)
TIll next time Prandel.

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