Hey Prandel,

Sorry for no updates in awhile. I haven’t been playing the game lately to be honest. No one knows Klien’s log but a few friends do know Pal/Don/Vals logs so they might have been on?  Idk, but I haven’t logged for a few weeks now so I don’t have any screenies, stories or w/e this time around.

Idk, the new orb OG put in the cart kinda killed it for me. It made the last 3 weekends i logged 12+ hr 2x event’s to help sell their orb.. and its dedicate my weekend to this game or be left farther behind.

Tamer 627 (i think), Pal a few mil from 602 and Val n Don just under 560…Prandel wide atleast 15% rb’d, more then a few are on 2 and 3rd rb.  So ya, I was already kinda buried.

Its more common to see a 600 toon then one below 300 anymore.  Low level gvg’s are pretty much none existent. Which limits the new players which is something Prandels desperately needed for atleast a year now,

Well, the 50% orb OG added turned RS into a job for me. Prandel stopped being fun so i stopped logging in altogether it seems.

I guess I’ve taken a vacation from Prandel  I’m just making this post for the few ppl that might be wondering where I went.  So I’ll see ya in a few weeks or maybe few months.. idk.  I just have no desire to log in at this  point. Maybe the site links n w/e other guides and stuff that are on here will keep ya’s busy till i return.

Best of luck on the drops Prandel



About Klien

another random noob tamer
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