New beginning’s

Hello Prandel,

I have some spare time so i decided to try to pick up where i left off.  In short This noob is back  :D.

I returned guildless bout a week ago. I suppose i was kicked from Unfo for inactivity?  While Joe has re-invited me and I’ve gotten several invites from Powerwithin I decided to rebuild AoG.  I would like to see it thrive again.


So my past week?  Well I’ve decided to add another toon to my flock.  A Scorn tamer  :).  I made Daze over a year ago and picked him back up at 194 bout a week ago.

A random swep 11 screenie.

Daze is 341 atm with a 2.5x event starting shortly  :).

Anyway my plans are to take Daze to 600+ so he will be my focus for atleast a month and when he is pro Klien, Pal, Don and Val should all be 600+, close in level and ready for rb.

Ya, i’ve decided to rebirth Klien…

But with Daze his pro fams won’t be gone for long.  Think about it for a second.  Prem flute gives 51% more pet xp.  Gleem cap gives 15% more xp and Daze’s scorn will give 100% more xp… thats 166% xp bonus!!

So if Klien gets say a mil xp for example, Locke and Cyan will get 2.66m.  with pets getting almost 3x as much as tamer you know they will be uber pro  :).


Other things to note, i mentioned I’m restarting AoG?  We are a very small group atm.  Me and 2 AoG’s from K2’s server.  Aceoftamers and Thorus.  We hope to add more ppl and grow in the near future.


We managed to complete our emblem this week  :).



This is the 3rd time I’ve completed this massive quest,, but the G just looks so sweet on Prandels backgrounds.




See what i mean  🙂



I’d like to think Goobie, Angelus and others that have helped us with the fhp’s to complete our emblem.


And thanks to the ppl that nagged me to update this blog.  If i figured no one read it i wouldn’t bother.  But ppl read it, find it helpful and I’m glad for that.


I’ll update other things in time.  At the moment a 2.5x event is on and i need to go  🙂

GL on the levs Prandel!!



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2 Responses to New beginning’s

  1. Zig says:

    I’d love to re join AoG but I have no time for RS :(. (save me an spot just in case a break up with my gf xD).

  2. Klien says:

    🙂 you always got a spot in AoG Zig. No need to break up wit your girl. Get her hooked on rs and split the grind shifts

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