I made a scorn tamer a few times past 2 years.  I made Daze once early LnK and he got deleted on me.  Few months after he got deleted I made him again…mm.. bout a year ago, but I left him at 194.

I recently picked Daze back up at 194 with 220 Tatga fams 2ish weeks ago. At the moment he is 398.

How do you like his pet levels?  Those ARE tatga fams with no reborn  :D.

Klien has 110 scorn and I use it when i plvl Daze.  Add prem flute onto it and Dazes pets get 226% xp.

Believe it or not Dazes pets are out leveling him .  How many tamers can claim that?   A 194 tamer with 220 pets to a 398 tamer with 497 pets.  Tamer gained 204 levs while pets gained 277 levels.  That’s a massive difference seeing higher levels take much more xp per lev.  For instance Daze needs 41ish mil a lev n pets need 73ish mil a lev yet pets still level before him.

Scorn works insanely well and so many tamers out there think its useless….smh

Well, my plan remains the same, Take Daze to pro level so he can return the favor when i rebirth Klien.  I run sd’s on alts trying to get them closer to tamer in level but 98% of the time when I’m on game I’m plvling Daze.  Tnx to events he’s getting there pretty quick  🙂

On a side note did you notice Daze’s pets names?  Old fans of Squaresoft might see the reference.

About Klien

another random noob tamer
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