GM corruption

Yesterday a post was made on OG’s forums bringing to light that Sylok has impossible stats for his level.  I’m sure most have seen it since topic had 1500 views by the time i read it.  The topic gave screenies, videos and other evidences. In short Syloks avoid, dmg everything was simply impossible.

I went to see updates on the topic today and guess what?  Topics gone.  No surprise there since OG is very fond of hiding (might as well say deleting) anything controversial.   So i made my own topic and within 5 minutes…

My topic was hidden.  It was 3 sentences.  I asked why GM’s hide topics with evidence of cheating and asked why gm’s refuse to act on it.  And yep.. hidden.

I think with this alone its obvious something is going on since  they want the entire issue buried.  Well, i don’t think it should be buried since I’ve seen other things that point to some form of corruption when it comes to the Forbidden emblem.

I’ve seen a 300ish prin literally kill my 800+ fams blessed and fully healed  in 1 second

I’ve seen a 300ish semi afk archer tank my 800+ fams, a 600+ squire and a 500ish archer at the same time.

I’ve seen a 300ish priest basically tank unfo (25+ ppl, most 600ish).

Other things and while most know this.  Isn’t there a rumor Luna is dating a gm?

Hmm, someone supposedly dating a game master and her toons have incredible prowess.

Well, i would like to find the videos on youtube with Sylok doing 20k’s in mol 6 at 630ish.  (Impossible dmg for his lev)  and  post them here. where they will NVR be hidden.

I’d say atleast half of prandel are aware of the corruption.  But with hiding topics OG seems to be taking a see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil approach.  Ignore it and it goes away?

A few select ppl getting gm gears until they’ve had enough and spread the junk through out the game sinking server.

Resulting in years wasted… again

If any have the youtube vids plz give me the urls so i can update this topic, also the urls to the screenies with Syloks sw dmg, 300 n 600 none crits on a priest (norm high dp toon).



Hopefully Every gear Luna received is found and deleted.  Her toons banned and the gm fired.  And all will be right with the world  (insert big grin here)


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