SD gap… again

I managed to get Daze to the 406 gap

Atm his pets are 10mish and 100 levels ahead of him.  Scorn ftw  :).

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve beaten the 406 gap?  Yes ik there is an OS sd now but its difficult and even harder to find a pt for, least a pt that can actually complete it.  Odds are I’ll mostly grind till 440.  Seeing Daze is a very weak tamer for his level he wouldn’t be much help in an sd anyway.

How many 400+ tamers do you know with


+8 skills?

Daze is most likely the first  :).

Even a tset baby would have +21 skills from 350 t set.  But Daze wears no t’s.  He’s skilled and geared to shorten the grind.

Ya, I like my wis gears  :).  I’d like to have that 1/2 mixed into a 3/2 someday and the others turned into 2/8’s from MQ rewards.


Well, Lets see how long the 406 gap takes this time since update has altered things..  Dark elf is just gone.  Hes a good 2 minute spawn now.. worthless.  Also Swep is totally different.  Far as changed maps, not one i like yet.  All seem to be updated for the worse.


Well cept daze i run these 2 daily in Vesti


They have gained a good 15 lev’s since the time i left back in Nov.  Klien is unchanged and Pal is 603?  So hes only gained one lev.


Hoping to have them All in bmd soon tho, then i can run Klien and Pals sd’s and help level my noob guild.

Ugh, AoG is gonna take awhile to get going.  Ppl have told me that i started it too late seeing this server has been running for 2 years now.  But the way i see it, AoG is just as old as Famous n Rosa.  So its not like were trying to get our name out there.  Everyone should know us.

I’m not looking forward to building the statues again or raising the guild’s rank.  First level is 50 myst stones?  I get alot of U’s but not that many…

Well, maybe in less then 2 months AoG can take a firm foothold in Prandel and atleast hold a lev 3 hall easily.  Atm tho we lack actives which i hope to change soon.


Well, I’ll see ya’s in the gap.


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another random noob tamer
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