Sup Prandel,

My climb to 440 is very slow this time.  A weeks past and I’m still not there.  I’ve got updates to blame.  My old training grounds are gone and the new alternatives suck.

The grind is so slow I decided to do mq the other day just for the xp (the 5% bonus mq will eventually give was also inviting).  Seeing MQ is about 200m I figured its 4 levels so i started it on tamer.

1st MQ sd.

2nd MQ sd.


and Atm Daze is 435 sitting on chap 3 sd.  I’m stuck till reset since sd runs maxed.



Sides mq its been a Very slow grind with no good drops.  Klien doesn’t have prem so.. drops suffer.  Although I manage some fair drops seeing the hours i’ve put in



For the most part I’m a soloist as everyone knows but I did get some company few days back.  One of AoG’s vices offered to lure and I took him up on it.

MrKyet is Aceoftamers from K2.



Till next time Prandel.  Heres hoping MQ and the 406 are both memories soon.


About Klien

another random noob tamer
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