Hall’s Statues

Ugh, its a sea of black Prandel….

On K2’s server AoG had all level one parts and bout half of the level 2’s completed.

On early Lnk server AoG had roughly 10 level 1 parts completed.  Then guilds broke and all was lost for the 2nd time.

So here I am again.  Starting from square 1.

AoG is 2 yrs behind the current guilds so i (well, AoG) needs to cover alot of ground in a short amount of time.  People almost never sell elems and drop rates average at 1 elem an hr….

then i got an idea  :).

Blinding Shield priests!

I made 5 of them and have plvl’d them to 105 atm.  With these guys, Don, Daze and Klien I have a full pt of 8 that I can park in spawn spots and have them all kill semi afk.  With 8 toons killing at the same time elements will come easier.  Anywhere from 1 – 50 elems an hour depending n drop rate.

Should complete a good 2 parts a week now depending on how much time i can devote to this endeavor.


Daze?  Nope, i never forgot about him.

Actually when i got him into spine a few days ago I stopped grinding and only been running sd with him.  There is no rush on him since he wont be “needed” till Klien completes 2nd rebirth.  But ya, least hes out of the 406 gap (thank god).

Sadly tho, main quest is broken atm and chapter 4 will not update.  So i had to stop mq on Daze till gm’s fix w/e is bugging it.


Only downside to running Daze’s sd’s is Klien can’t be around.

Dark Elf king Quest gives a 10m xp reward.  Pets get 7.5m (since they norm get 75% of tamers kill). Add prem flute’s 51% and its 5.1m +  7.5m = 12.6m.  Now add Kliens 100% scorn and its 22.6m total for pets while Daze pulls down 10m :).  So ya, sucks Klien can’t enter sd’s with Daze…. but he can with gd’s  :p.

Daze doesn’t have equip badge like Klien did to use Gleem cap which equips at 538 (the 15% pet xp helm) and with sd’s he loses Kliens scorn, but its ok, cuz Daze is only a Scorn tamer, he dont need uber fams.  But they gonna be good anyway  :).

Can u imagine Kliens pets when he rb’s and gets scorn from Daze????  999’s time Klien is in early 700’s probs


K, I wasted enough of your time Prandel.  Cya’s in a week or so.


About Klien

another random noob tamer
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