There was a rap battle event on forums and i decided to try cuz making/editing vids is somewhat of a hobby of mine.   My entry (imo) wasn’t that good.  I just didn’t have the time to try the things i wanted.

Regardless… I won 1st place  🙂

The RK (rap king) was cool at first.  But it made problems with my couple rings and I’m pretty sure it messes up friend list.  Prob makes me harder to pm too.

Don’t think i will enter next event so i plan to lose the RK title, but the 2 mini pets i won from it are useful.  Gave em to elem farmers so they can pick up the change the mobs drop.


Here was my entry in event if any are curious.




Speaking of elem farmers they are doing pretty well.

They don’t work as fast as i would like.  But 3.5 parts completed in 10 or so days ain’t too bad.  I’d like to thank Kamahl for the 80ish elems he got for us and Bruno for the 65 elems he gave. Others as well for the elems they threw in.  Slow but sure AoG is getting there.

Atm ef’s are 138 and all together average 40 – 50 elems a day so… its progress i suppose



Thought I’d run Klien and Pals sd’s the other day to help my noob hall get some levs.  bmd gives 100m xp from 2 toons without prem a day so.  And heres something I haven’t seen in 6 months.

A lev for Locke and Cyan  😀

Its gonna be sad to see them reset to lev 1 when i rb Klien.  For the ones that followed this blog know i have tons of work in them, including several remakes.  But onward and upward.

I’m not too worried bout there levs.  Daze will help see them pro again down the road.



Speaking of Daze I got tired of the slow levs so i got his prem renewed tonight.

Troglodyte (ama from unfo) let me use his log so i won’t need to worry bout spine pt anymore.

I went ahead and got 3rd run sd badge and equip badge for Daze as well.  Since as you can see, he is gaining on his pets  without Kliens scorn.  The 15% pet xp helm which norm equips at 538 will help counter that.  I just need to grind Daze more so he can get Kliens scorn.

But ya, like last  post mentioned, elems and Daze are still kinda my focus.



With every elem we gather, every new recruit we pick up,  every xp point they get makes the guild just a little bit stronger.

AoG will return, it’s just gonna take time is all.



btw, i noticed today Gawain has a blog.  I added his link to my blogroll if any wanted to pay him a visit.

Global needs more blogs.  Be nice to see others make em. Maybe more blogs would get new people to join our server, something Prandel needs.


Well, guess that’s it for this week.  Take it easy Prandel.


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