Sup Prandel, not much to talk bout with only running sd’s n farming elems so figured I’d just post random screenies this week.


With 7 days of 2x tho i did manage to get elem farmers in salty.  So they each get 3.4 mil a day to get better n help level hall.


Daze is slowly getting there too with only running spine sd.  Ugh, hes gaining on pets bad and todays run i forgot to equip prem flute….




Getting a pt ready for point war is usually a pain.  Pt is always waiting on least 1 person so lately I’ve just been soloing them.  7.4m solo score isnt bad imo  🙂


I think some ppl like Locke and Cyan more then i do  :).  With all the pro gears and rb’s in this game you’d think most would be unimpressed, but that’s not the case.


At the moment Daze has 2446 wisdom.  But can still drop U’s, who needs luck  🙂


Another no show in siege war..  I hate these 40 min sitting jobs.   We faced Marisians  Paradise, Chocolate, the archer showed at start, seen a few at gate and left b4 door opened.  This pro noob returned 5 minutes till hoping to take an unguarded guild hall.

Wish they would add a forfeit after 10 mins or something.


And guess thats if for this week.  Not much to tell so.. hopefully I’ll have more content next week.

Take it easy Prandel.


About Klien

another random noob tamer
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3 Responses to Randomness

  1. Ziggy says:

    I’ll try to get my wolf back. Let’s see if Gecko left some of it hah
    (Gz on the RK title)

    • Klien says:

      Be cool to see you back in game Zig, Gecko too if you can drag him back. I can make room in AoG for ya’s if you like. Tnx on the title thing… but i kinda hate it :p.. Will be glad when its gone.

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