Driving to RB

A friend asked me the other day when i plan to update this.  There’s been updates and changes with links and things.  Guess he didn’t notice  🙂


Anyway, um I don’t have much to mention.  Grinding my 4 mains trying to get them to a better rb level.


My current levels.

If i rebirthed them right now Klien would go to 377, Pal would be 267 and Don and Val would land at 250.

Its just to low… So i grind!



Daze?  Well looking at rb chart I’m guessing I’ll land at 441 to 480.  Klien’s pets will be gone for least a few days and Daze atm is a nice level to plvl my crew since a rb can’t have a toon 100+ levs in pt.

488, so ya, he’s parked for the time being.  No sd run or grind with him.



Using Pal for my main plvl’r atm cuz aoe makes Trum and Bmd so much easier.

Pal has 401 alc and 3201+ luck and has Really good avoid.  I’d say he gets hit bout twice an hour in Mid trum, however his power is low so lures take a good 7, 8 fevers.  But its progress i suppose and Mids great for drops. I can use healing gear helms for ef’s and maybe i can land an AoE U too before i move on from here.


Grinding in Bmd too to break up the monatomy.  Dropped Ruin other day.  Go back in time bout3 years and this U used to own.  Now its only good mixed. Since it still has best range of all thief darts in game, it has its uses.  But i broke it so.. meh.



Ef’s?  Yep, i still run them here and there.  Atm I’m sitting on bout 250ish waters  (don’t tell my guildies that i haven’t gotten another part yet  :), I’m just getting lazy to redeem them) and I get a few more with each passing hour.


They are doing well tho.

I’d say less then 4 of those parts are from guildies grinding. All the other parts this guild owes to the blinding shd priests

13 parts completed in bout 6 weeks time. Not bad imo.

I’d love 20 more actives in AoG then I would not need the BS priests.

But sometimes I wonder if entire server even has 20 ppl.


Game just seems really dead these days.  Well, lets hope ppl get tired of D3 or OG gets new ppl.




And I guess that’s it.  Least my mains are getting rs pieces again.  Can prob start running reward paths  again soon since Don, Val and Pal all need to cap hp% and I’d like least a few cp% boosts on em.


Well, I’ll cya’s next post.  GL on the drops Prandel.


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2 Responses to Driving to RB

  1. Legit says:

    Go go Klien few more levels. Are you going to stay with Fams? Or try the Rebirth Pets? Anyways keep us updated!

    • Klien says:

      Will always have fams :). 1st rb they will go to lev 1.. but i got a dxu that gives 15% xp, prem flute gives 51% xp and another scorn tamer that will give them 100% xp. With so many bonuses they will get levs back quick. Tnx for reading!

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