Randoms 2

Afternoon Prandel.  My net is too sketchy for me to play so figured I’d update this blog.

My mains current levs

Vals only a few mil from 623 but if i rb’d them all now Val would go to 341 and Klien, my highest would go to 407.  I’m hoping to get all mains to 653 so i can atleast rb to 441.  I really hate the 406 gap… However If the 640’s are 6 hr levels, it will be faster to rb and beat the gap yet again. Time will tell.



Hmm.. so past few weeks?  Ah i been busy  :).  Remember my blinding shield priests?  I decided to make 5 more tamers for when im not feeling lazy (priest right click only, tamer has to target a mob least once every 5 mins)  and want drops while i farm the elems.

Since they will be elem farmers only, they are summoner builds, which is something new for me.  Never made a pure summoner build before.

These nubs 150 atm and i probably wont plvl them outside of events.  They are more difficult then the priests were since the BS priests could farm lev 1 elems at level 90 with npc shop gears.  These guys are luck however (for drops) and avoid.  And until the avoid is perfect they aren’t that useful. But its not perfect atm.

And a side note on the avoid armor Chador.  I think its junk and doesn’t work. How does a tamer with 2% avoid neck and gloves, 10% anti, 10% “chador” 8% guild bonus with 600+ luck get hit often on mobs 20 levels under him?  Chador sux and the “10% evasion” can’t be avoidance.




Prandels full of ignorant people?  What i used to think.  Stingy ppl that plvl only one alt on a main spot..  Lurers to afk’s, ks’rs.  ect.  But i went to tw b4 to plvl tamer ef’s on 3x and ran into this guy grinding.

Guy just gave me best spot on a 3x event.  Making his name public is my way of thanking him.



Was a monster attacking cities event this past week.

I only went to bout 30 mins of the first one and took Don for bout 30 mins of 2nd one.  Got nothing but junk so barely went.  But i kinda regret it now since Val can use 2 min dhearts (great for bmd sd boss) and Klien could use the red attack oils.  These are great since they double fams attack when used directly on pet and last for 30 mins. Hind sight 20/20 i guess.




When i farm elems on priests I will usually chase tmaps.  Specially with Don, he gets 300k+ gold in a tmap.  It’s easy money.  And other day i noticed he got rsd  :).  how cool is that?



Ran bmd few days ago and lagged, then dc’d right as i tried to enter.

Ever been outside of bmd sd?  Kinda weird, isn’t it? Trip to gh and back fixed it for me.  Would suck to lose a bmd run.  Its 50m xp.



Went to forest of time last night and figured I’d grind my 4 mains some.   Like my new shiny?

Serene  :).  I’m not coming off it Prandel so don’t ask  :p.  I also dropped Flash spike in eco last night that i forgot to screenie.  But this 300% light dmg dxu shield will be awesome for don when hes farming lev 3, 4 elems.


Forest of time is a tough place.  Spice ran out and these elfs owned my fams.  840’s died in like 3 hits.  But when spiced there avoid is perfect (the smoke was a precaution since dead pet = lost xp).

The Elf guardian has insane avoid.  Why you see I’m running foggy in screenie.  Need it for him cuz spice and 150 levs over mob isn’t enough.. just miss miss, miss.  This random spawn guy is prob toughest mob i’ve seen on this server.


Also forest of time has to be the best place to get money in this game! Way better then camping tmaps and gem room combined.

See the 270, 280k’s?  They are really common from these ancient elves.  I was getting prob one chest from at least every 5 elfs.

I made a good 33m in bout 2 hrs grinding last night  :).  That amount would usually take me 2 or 3 days in gem room.


And guess thats it this week?

GL Prandel and I’ll cya’s next post.



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One Response to Randoms 2

  1. Legit says:

    WHAT YOU GOT A SERENE! Gratz I think first in server -Jealousy- Bah now i need to find star child but gratz -more Jealousy-!!!!!!!!! T~T

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