Forest of time

Sup Prandel,

I’m still grinding to a better rebirth level.

I’d like 653 to least rb to 440 and skip 406 gap.  but 640 levs are a good 5 hrs each with 1.5 event.

I got toon many toons and it tanks my xp.  Could use a better rsd on Pal or Don.  atm rsd 5 don’t cut it.



Mostly I’m grinding in Forest of time, Mid trum or Mol 6fl.

Forest is awesome for gold.  Specially with event.  I can easily make 100m a day there.

500k chests and common too  🙂


Can’t beat the drops there either.

dxu from a chest


Tankraft and pro monk ring


and Trans


5 hours for 1 level tho is slow.  I might just rb nabs when they 641 and in sd gap.  I’m undecided atm.



Well, I guess I’ll end this post with the pro’est drop of them all that Pal got in bmd  sd.


=)  cya’s next time Prandel!



About Klien

another random noob tamer
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