Hello Prandel,

Sorry for not posting in forever.  Life got busy and I stepped away to take a break.  However I rebirthed my mains before I left and bought another pc during this time.  Since I’m on another pc all my old screenies showing the rb quest, drops n w/e are gone  :(.

I never did level as high as i wanted to before rebirth.  I remember we had some kind of xp event and i spent hours in forest of time getting several levels.  Then some kind of server bug came and we had a mini rollback…..  I lost all the time, gold, and items from event.  I was just so aggravated i ran the rb quest early.  Don and Val went to 391, Pal 412(?) and Klien 425.  Right in the 406 gap…  Shortly after this i had to step away from game for a few months due to reality.


I returned a few days ago in a 4x event. and managed to get all my nabs out of the 406 gap.

semi afk in os

Spent the large majority of the gap in Ossuary b1.  That’s my lazy spot  :).  There’s a place you can stand that draws agro on 4 theifs.  They attack, pets defend and kill.  I was getting a level about every 2 hrs here on 4x which was nice since i just watched tv and clicked when my timer dinged.

A desktop timer I’ve used for a long time is timeleft.  It’s a free dl.  I think its great since it can run multiple timers.  a 3 minute countdown clock (for bubbles) and a continuous counter i use to see how long it takes to earn a level.  Thought i’d throw out the programs name incase any wanted to get it.  Very useful to plvl an alt so you know when they bubble.


I didn’t sit the entire time  :).  When i was running in os someone unlocked a prandel wide 2x.  My nabs got 8x xp for 10 minutes .

8x in os


Got the last few levels and a little more on Swep b13 during 4x.  Atm they are all the same level and I’m gonna try to keep em that way to make sd’s easier.

past 406 gap


After the 4x event ended I figured I’d work on Daze’s map maker.   Since it was only lev 5 there was alot of maps, like swep 13 that i couldn’t see.

working on map maker 6

I took him all the way to mm 9.

mm 9




Running Delf sd  today i managed to get an rs piece and an elem killing for key :).  Not everyday you see that.

killing for sd key




Atm I’m just hanging in brun deciding on my next move.


I plan to start updating this blog again if any are following.  Kinda got a feeling people still read this thing.

just read blog


🙂 till next time Prandel.  Best of luck in your travels.



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9 Responses to Returned!!

  1. Zig says:

    Well come back noob 🙂

  2. lovelysailor says:

    Welcome back noob i may be coming back as well :p

  3. TheRecluse says:

    I’m glad to see that you are back, I’m a new player so you don’t know me but reading your blog makes me wanna start my own 😛

  4. Despised / Thorus says:

    Welcome back, it’s nice to see you around, I’m going to re-join AoG if only I can 🙂

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