New years 4x


Morning Prandel,

I managed to gain alot of ground last event. My nabs were 444 when 4x started and I managed to get them 509 by the end of it.  65 levs in 4 days is great for me, even though others got 100+.

Didn’t get any pro drop.  Form, AoE, bsting, ect but i got dozens of nab u’s… so joy… i guess.

random u



Got to see Daze’s fams hit 600 this week, even tho they should be much higher. I’ve barely used prem flute on him last 20ish levels.

Sabin n Celes hit 600



Ran delf sd with ama a few times.  He helped with scorn for a couple of runs.

delf sd


Grinded in swep b13 a ton during event up till bout 475.  Sometimes chat box turned into brun.

brun 13

Lovely_girl_pwn is spacedees btw.  An old AoG.


Grinded in 13 with Iam and lovely too.  We made a good team, i called back and forth with Don while they took care of the kills.

iam and lovely


Went to barracks and Nicole had my favorite semi afk grinding spot.  Best way to take a spot?  Offer them plvl  🙂

with nic at barracks


When Daze’s spice expired I switched to Klien.  His first U with 900ish luck.  Hes mostly wisdom like alts.

kliens first u on return


Seems i have some influence in Prandel, fortune decided to make a scorn tamer  🙂

more scorn tamers



I didn’t do it much during event but I put my elem farmers back to work.  Still wanting to see AoG’s statues all completed 5’s across the board.

back on elems


And i plvl’d my 140ish ef’s for an hour or 2 on 4x.

plvl ef nubs

Meteor and tw b4 owns.  got nubs a good 10 levs in the short time i plvl’d them.


And i just made my first Miz sd run today.

first miz sd completed


Obviously 2 more rb’s and then building Klien’s ultimate fams is the end game plan.  But atm I’m working towards 535 for vesti sd.

Miz gives 14m with prem (which sucks seeing its near 80m for 1 level) and vesti gave 27m if ir right, not to mention 1.5m gold per toon per run.

So that’s my short term goal.  Gonna be in dugout and gem for a few days driving for vesti.

Till next time Prandel!


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