Afternoon Prandel,

current 1 9 13

At the moment, my nabs are only 520.  Lately been grinding in Dugout, Gem, Barracks 1 and b2.


10ish levs gained past week isn’t great cuz i’ve been busy finding new guildies.

40 new toons in 3 days

I recruited 40 different toons in roughly 3 days time  :).  Got most of em right by the buffer npc.  This place is better the bruns fountain, everyone comes here!  If AoG can have atleast 10 of these toons turn out to be active we got a pretty bright future.

I took a few of em through B0

running new recruits thru b0

and helped a few more at colosuss

helping new recruits in colos

I don’t plvl a fraction near what i used to, but i do it from time to time.



While i was recruiting I seen this guy at the buffer


Palador?  ugh, i hate it when ppl rip off my toons names.  This guy is Not my thief obviously.



Finally got 200 light 2 elems, tnx in part to Sailor, he got the last few for us.

unused 200s

So i went to make the level 2 and 3 accuracy statues for my guild. .. “denied”… stupid game forces you to have lev 2 hall to make lev 2 part, lev 3 for 3 n so on.

This is the main reason I’ve been hard core on recruiting lately.  AoG needs a better hall and I’ve been round Prandel long enough to know i cant do it on my own.

Guild did see 2 more dark parts complete this week tho thanks to my elem farmers.

dark parts fin

7 level 1 parts to go and they are all done!!



I got tired of seeing Kliens blue text so i went ahead and completed his rs.  Idk why, but my alts should all have 50 rsp’s with the number of mobs i killed but only in the mid 20’s.  I thought Klien’s (my main killer) blue text/maxed rsp’s was affecting their drops so i went ahead and got his complete.  Hoping their drops comes quicker now.

yet another redstone



I found a new use for Daze as well this week.

Seeing Klien’s pets are kinda nerfed (no where near their old levs when Klien was 500ish) I decided to use summons along with my fams for more dmg.

With last updates summoner got a new skill “aura”.  Its like sunny day and cloudy day for summons.  It makes them so much more effective, however its an active skill and only on when in summoner mode.

So its something Daze can do while he leeches in my pt  :).  I got his summoner title completed this week and theirs the dreaded bear gall drop.  Took me a good 40 minutes to get it.

summoner drop

So my team is a little more self sufficient.   Having all wisdom toon’s things get difficult sometimes so i need extra help like this summon idea  🙂


Guess I’ll end this post with random nab u’s from this week.

random u's first week of jan


Till next time Prandelians.






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2 Responses to Recruiting!

  1. Zig says:

    I don’t think I will ever play RS again, so if you or some guildie wants my acc just let me know.
    lvl 320 wolf with good gear is something 😉

  2. Klien says:

    Zig and Webon ain’t going anywhere, no worries on getting kicked. They’ll stay in guild long as i’m GM.
    No one leaves Prandel forever. We await your return someday Zig :).

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