Evening Prandel,

Just had a 4x event, and a few days later OG gives us another…  Its like OG hates it when i try to sleep…

Yet we got a 6.5 xp/drop event this time  :D!

My nabs at the start of this 48hr no rest fest.

pre 6x


And after

after 6x

A 53 level gain!  and 59 fam levels  🙂

I dropped daze at 536 in vesti for gold and seeing i won’t need him until 2 more rb’s.  But I managed to get him bout 40 levels without prem these past few weeks.


Seen Locke and Cyan  get 600+ in event.

LnC at 600

However i was luring on don and missed that magic moment, why screenie is 15m xp late. Before you comment on pets op remember I use gleem cap and prem flute (-16 skills).  These 2 can do 5 digits when i want them too.


I went everywhere on event.  Grinded with Sailor and Newlook in gem.

6x gem


With Sailor and Kiryu at the Store.

at store


Spent a few hours at the motel with Nicole, Fortune and Sailor too.


They all went on to 600, I’m sure i could have got there too,  but I’ve been there, its not new to me and i really did not want to bury Vesti sd.  Its 15m a day running 5 toons and its made in 10 mins.  So ya, i put the breaks on a few times during this weekends event and ended up getting buried.


Guild at large did great!  Alot of guidlies got 50+ levels and hats off to Sailor who got 91 levs!  509-600 in 2 days!

Also hall leveled 6 times during these 2 days.   Think i recruited a good crew  :).

I even managed to con a hand full into placing event on the back burner and attending the sw.  I know most wanted to grind, but we really needed level 2 hall so i could upgrade random things

sw for lev2

We easily took a level 2, unguarded hall.


Event Drops?…..

well, i dropped bb’s a few hours before event started.

bb shoes

Yet 2 days of 6.5 drop and nothing worth while.   Idk y but i tend to get better drops without event then with.

I’ve taken dozens of screenies of nab u’s this past weekend, but its silly to show any since none of them are worth while.  Broke all of em at the ew npc.


Think i covered everything?

6.5 was only 2 days.  So I’ll cya’s next post.

Till then keep on grinding Prandel!!

The ones that grind only during events get left far behind.


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