Ah.. the Randomness

Afternoon Prandel,

Working on completing Daze’s main quest. Since his sd runs are maxed ,  figured I’d update this blog.


First chap 4 sd Glover got screwed.  Mobs kept warping him out for some reason.  I tried to help him till i ran out of capes myself but in the end we had to go ahead without him.  I think i know where he can get more capes now, but haven’t seen him today yet to tell him.

back on daze mq

Here are your Zin fams, and no, they aren’t tamable.


Me and sailor went on and got the next sd completed.

mq sd with sailor

and atm, sd runs maxed and waiting on reset.


Um, got the last rsp’s at the end of 6.5 event so I went and got another heaven run done on mains.

mq yet again


Took cp on Klien since his hp% is maxed. Pal, Don and Val got more hp, think they all at 70%?  It will be nice to buff Kliens fams without charging and this bonus should give me that in time.

1st cp reward


Capes and earring drops are bugged in game, they just won’t drop no where.  So i figured i’d try enchanting some.  You can buy earrings and capes in smug, Enchant dice in Hanov.

idea for pro capes

-10mish gold later n i gave up.   Wasn’t my day to get a 70% hp cape.


Ah, AoG did take level 3 hall this weekend  🙂  amongst all the doubters…….(even my own guildies).  Granted, we don’t have anyone with end game gears or alot of high levels, but I think AoG has heart and that’s all it takes.

sw vs imperium


And you  know what level 3 hall means, a level 3 statue part  🙂

first lev 3

I wonder if we are the only guild in server that has a level 3 completed?  Think we prob are since Unfo was the most active guild I’ve ever seen and they never had 3’s, alot of 2’s but no 3’s.


I hardly grinded at all this week as my level shows. I’m really trying to milk vesti sd for the 15m gold a day, but someone used a bell guide and you know what that means..  gogo motel  :).

bells up


Sadly my past week hasn’t been all highlights.  Guildie came across a botting pt at dark fire.

botting df



He uploaded it to youtube, 2 parts i think.


He also posted on rs forums, plus sent a ticket.  Yet i see one of the botters the next day.

botter in brun


I hope OG isn’t taking a K2 approach on botters, that is…. ignoring them.


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