“Random” titles are getting common, yet this is another random post  :p.

G’ evening Prandel.  I managed to see Daze’s Mq completed this week…. finally.

daze last mq sd

Ama and Sailor ran with me in Tiamess sd.  I conned Ama into leeching it cause i don’t trust my net lately and Sailor logged himself near the start of sd.  We had a few probs with the end boss, but eventually me and Sailor got the update.


So shiny  🙂

Daze redstone




I was waiting on pw for Darth and Sailor with Drac when this guy came into guild hall.

engrish plz

I eventually got tired of him requesting guild on me so i added him, right at the point where i said the kick thing and he said ty.

I did kick him and all his alts however because he had a bad habit of pt’ing random guidies wanting plvl and he even ditched another guildie in gd to go to town?…. After multi complaints I seen a guildie in gc one day telling him to stop pt’ing him and i decided it was time to let him go.


While I’m on this english thing, I’d like to apologize to Madumadu.  I ended up kicking him after an UGLY sw.   Our own Gate was opened, ppl kept attacking monk activating ss.. I was just so aggravated after sw I kicked multi toons.

Now i kinda feel bad bout it because the only fault a few had was not speaking english.  So here’s my apology to you and Nhumza.

If anyone speaks Thai maybe they can extend my apology to Nhum and Madu cause they don’t understand me.  I’ve tried pm’ing them, but they just apologize to me and it makes me feel worse.




None of my toons have prem atm, and I don’t mind.  It just gives me more time to leech Vesti sd for 15m gold a day.  Since i’m not grinding, i’ve got time to help guildies out here and there.

Helped Buns and Lucky during a bell guide.

plvl a few at lich


Helped Spirit get 290 for nameless sd.

plvl mad at swep



And guess I’ll end this one with a comment from a reader.

wants vids

Here ya go Alves.

This is how AoG is able to get so many statues so quickly.  I can see a part done in 2 days if i focus on it.

#EDIT  this “road to elems” video can be found on my youtube channel.  word press has a bug where 1 linked video makes all vids that one video.  Why my pvp and non pvp pages are all links instead of embeds.

I have a few more pvp vids on youtube I uploaded to my channel today, I just need to link them in the pvp section… and i think I’ll make a none pvp vid section since this blog has 4 or 5 videos on it already and people will be able to find without digging for them.

KK, I’m out, till next time Prandel!


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