Recent trials


Evening Prandel,

I was checking stalls yesterday and I saw a sweet ew that I’d love to get for Pali.

stalled ew

I’ve been looking for a month now to get Pal a mixed ew since his 7 just don’t cut it.

I seen this one stalled and at 250m it was very cheap.  So i went to bank to get gold to buy it.  Came back and the guy sold it…… I asked him to who so I could try to make a deal with the buyer.  Staller would not tell me…

He did tell me he traded it for troll fleece tho… what a noob, 1b dart for 100m armor.   I was sooo annoyed for awhile.

After being pissed and cursing in gc for a good 15 minutes I figured I’d just make my own.   So bought 2 mix boxes in a stall for 180m.  Went to npc and made a lev 1 thief ew.  And tried to mix it with my darts…

ah, seems you can not mix eternals…

So down 180m I just threw Pals bb shoes n 1/2 luck’s together…. failed….

2nd, my last box I just grabbed splitter and a dx dart and mixed them.   I didn’t care if it succeeded or not.  Splitter can’t kill anything anyway.


split mix and…



dx split


A mildly useful splitter that can actually kill.

Figure i traded 1/2 luck shoes and 180m for it when all was said and done, so not too bad i suppose.

Seems this prefix adds 250 levs to gear.  So i can mirror that DX harm and still equip it bout 620.  360% dmg splitter on a high power toon could have its uses.




So went to Def (one of the few places i can kill with it atm).

first split u

And got 2 nub u’s in bout 60 minutes.  not bad without prem, no 1601 luck or event.   Was there mainly plvling opti.


Ah, my optimist.



I made him bout a week ago.  Figured he’d be very useful for Pal since his buff stacks with Vals fiery.

Ik most say this toon is worthless, but i see some promise in a pure knowledge, high +skill buffing opti.



Got his master

master opti


And maxed buff skill.



Ya, its not GREAT atm, but remember opti is still noob, and this buff is just additional dmg to me.

I can see this easily getting 1-2k tho down the road.




Atm, i think he is doing well, and I’m not the only one  🙂

opti over mage



AoG reclaimed lev 3 past weekend.  When i saw RSU in the time slot I honestly thought we had no chance.  80% of AoG is still nub atm.  But we did better then even I expected.

solo strat


Getting to the first strat wasn’t too tough.  Actually got some alone time with it.




When we got to emblem tho things got difficult.

Pal has really high resists, against mage, prin, necro, all debuffers.  But Ins still got him once or twice.

ins pro debuff


In the end tho we triumphed with good teamwork!

1 percent


Hats off to RSU

A pretty tough guild that i don’t look forward to facing in the future.






Atm in game I’m still prem-less trying to get gold cause I want Harm thief ew for Pali.  If i cant buy off another I’ll buy extractors and make my own.

Kinda need an earth pet tho…

aff, earth pet

So much… waste…



I guess I’ll end this post with a video of Molinar sd for the ppl that like vids.  Its uploading to you tube atm tho and I’ll link it later.

Link because wordpress has a bug, the latest embedded video makes all vids that one.. so I’ll start linking them from here on out.

Till next time Prandel, best of luck in your drops and levs.




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