Events around V-day

Hey Prandel,

Ppl been riding me to update this blog.  Guess its been almost 2 weeks now, so i got lots of screenies this time  🙂

cur mains

My current levels, guess you can say i have 6 mains now since opti is starting to get high.  But ppl still address me as Klien even if they pm me on Pali or Don  :).

Ugh, prems getting expensive tho, atm only Daze and Light have.


Running Daze in vesti still, pt’d up with Prii and Mak

vesti with prii's crew


Ran it with Roy

vesti with roy



Lately Daze been pt’ing up with Ama alot tho for Vesti sd run’s.

I mentioned Light has prem too, so I’ve been plvling him alot.  He’s getting useful.

lights latest stats

And with the recent npc event i got a restat on val and improved his buff.

val cur buff

These 2 are shown without arch, add don’s +4 and Pali has a good 2k buff per dart  :).


Got opti prem but grinds still slow (I’m too old, done it too many times) so i decided to run optis main quest and get the 200mish it gives.

omg mq again

Ran the majority of it with Darth since he needed on his nubs too.  He done a good chapter of mq for me and i appr it.


Killed the hardest boss in game for like the 5th time

omg mq 2


And eventually got Light the shiniest item in game. Ugh, mq complete on 6 toons now.

lights redstone

Will Light ever be anything sides a buffer?  Idk, he easily does 20k’s with Don’s eg, 10-12k on his own atm and opti has some sweet U drop u’s.  So he might be more someday, idk.



Last weekends 2x i got enough nub u’s to choke a horse.

so many nub u


I did get another dxu to add to my collection tho.

Dropped it with Daze plvling Light at storage.

2x dxu



Other events?

Ah, this should have been top post  :D.  Look what Pali has now.  Since Recluse moved on he offered me his old ew for 300m.

It’s worth every penny as far as I’m concerned.  He even let me use it early since i did not have the 300. I got 150 of it now tho when he logs in.

ty recluse



Ah, An old friend returned, well a few this week :).  1 was an old unfo buddy.  Most prob know him as Datamer.



And Badbreath decided to give Prandel another go. Remember the crit mage guy  :)?

youngest vice

Possibly AoG’s youngest vice (hes much higher now ofc, was screenied 4 or 5 days ago).



And attack of the Serpents event past week.. so many complained but i enjoyed it.

mons evetn


Prandel had a good turn out for event.

nice turnout


Actually got a tmap in Big Apple  :).  Gogo rsd 6

tmap in big aple



End of event i think i done really good, went for dmg items to make Pali a faster plvl’r and got more then enough the first day.  I never went to following events.

events results

Managed to get enough anvils to add 4% more damage to devil neck u (ik its for demons  🙂  20% base dmg on it is nice for thief)

Also got 5 hrs worth of gdh and 45 hours of 30 min 200% dmg oils  :).  Plus a restat and an x-max box which i chose Lab Product from.  I doubt I’ll ever use the thief dxu, but it does have 10% accuracy so it could have its uses.


K, i do have a few videos I need to get on here.  Mol sd and AoG vs Fresh sw from 2 different views.

Till then I’m gonna plvl nubs in Porin semi afk

porin semi afk

:).  Love this spot, tamer owns it n all Zin, nice drops!

Till next time Prandel, enjoy the rest of this weekends PH.




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