Morning Prandel,

Net has been horrid past day so figured I’d update blog.

Got more then a handful of nub u’s past week.

more nubs u


Not all were junk tho, some were pretty decent.



Dropped a dxu bow in fot to add to my collection.



induc 1


Dropped squire dxu for my collection in fot.



induction 2


Actually i dropped 2 induction kits in fot :).  I sold this one to Munzo for 100m since i don’t need doubles in my collection.



Ah, the harmonious thief ew from Recluse?

debt free

Managed to repay him, so its mine now  :D.


And not 2 days later a guildie announces in gc that a 2/3 luck glove is stalled for 250m.  So i go into debt again and asked Darth to buy it for me since repaying Recluse broke me.  Told him I’d pay him back.

So I got a new shiny in my collection that i will make pro with mq  🙂

2 3 glove

Thankfully with last weekends power hour I dropped a trans and Induction kit in fot and sold both for 180m, so i was able to repay Darth back quickly.  In one weekend actually.


Got another pro item as well last night.

gc gift

new 2 2 helm


😀 tyvm 1237

He gave it to me for free.




So i am definitely getting some pro gears tnx to some help from my guild.

I counted actives other day since Datamer asked.

AoG has 18 actives atm, all different ppl.  With server’s population these days i think guild is doing great!


Other events since last post?  Hmm, afk’d at golden for tmaps (where i used to farm rsp’s) and seen 580 boss up.  Val can use a few more rings so i decided to drop him.  No rings fell tho..



I said i used to semi afk at golden for rsp because  I found a pro rsp drop spot other day.

12 mobs here, 7 rank 4 rats and 5 zin pumpkin heads.  Quick respawns and i can kill with Splitter  :). Fastest way to rsps is # of mob kills / respawn time and this spot is great.

XP sucks, but idc.  Mobs 600- 620, so i can farm rsp here all the way up to 670.

Don’t laugh at my damage :p.  I is using splitter.

pro spot for rsp


Guild managed to get another statue completed other day.   Pretty much all from guildies, I havent ran ef’s in atleast a few weeks now cuz its mind numbling boring.

dark 2 parts



Poor ama, guess he forgets to use kelby for fire res in vesti.

man down

Dream was joking tho, he didn’t end  🙂


While that was my smile ^… guess I’ll end this post with an oddity.

time on hands

Someone’s got time on their hands to get em all in a perfect row.


K, i got 5 redstones atm and when my net is steady I’m gonna make some heaven runs, cya’s next post Prandel.


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