Main quest never ending…

G’ evening Prandel,

Since server is down for maintenance I figured I’d make an update with the few screeenies i have.

I noticed the other day that 8 days were past on extractor’s so I decided to focus on rsp’s and punch out another reward.  Pali n Val were my main plvlr’s cause of the aoe.

Neither have prem but they land a u here n there.

random us dropped farming rsp

I used the “afk pt lead” trick to get them the fastest.

Daze with pt lead afk’ing it in brun leeching rsp.

daze afk rsp


Afk pt lead works very well most of the time.  however i grinded a good hour with Pali trying to get his rsp and.. none.

Took me forever to get 50 on my last toon, Pali.


And there it is  :D.  1 rsp out of 250 (50 x 5 toons)

last rsp out of 250


Done gathering quest and got another redstone.

Needing heaven path I got coin again.

coin mq


And done mq sd yet again with a guildie.

mq complete yet again


Ran to Heaven and actually managed to get 100% hp on Pali after sd today  🙂

100 percent hp on pali


Took hp on everyone except for Klien, his hp was maxed like last September. So I opted for sp.

sp for klien 3rd rb

Lately I’ve been getting 100 sp reward with Klien. Redeemed it twice so far as screenie shows.

I figure this will be useful when Klien does 3rd rb and goes to level 1.  Bonus sp will help me get brainwash sooner and unbook Locke and Cyan earlier.

If i done 3rd rb now Klien would have 800 sp (counting current mq bonus + rb sp) at level 1.  Brainwash req’s 2400 sp if i remember right.  So I kinda got my foot in the door here.


Well, like the rest of you, I’m waiting for maintenance to end.  Maybe server will come back up with something nice?  Some update, bug fix, who knows.


Best of luck to ya Prandel, till next time.






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