New and Improved!

Hey Prandel,

I’d say the majority of my readers are active in game, so by this point most are aware of update.   For the ones that left (Zig, Mean, Hand, ect) and still find time to read my dribble I’ll give some links that cover updates pretty well.  New things to see if you guys want to log in sometime  🙂   New skins  Nxu  Bonus XP and Limit title



Ok, when we got update first thing i wanted was limit title  on All of my nubs  :).  I figured 30k’s be cool, even tho Val is only one strong enough to get em atm.  But ugh.. its gonna take me months to get it on all nubs….

Daze alone has 25 of the 200 needed drops… and think it was a good 4 hr grind to get them

limit drop

So ya, limit will take me months… and atm its a back burner kinda thing.


I have no NXU’s yet  :(.

But i think gold will be my fastest path to them.

Since Klien’s fams are nubs for fot (best gold spot) I thought I’d try sucs.  Klien will rb so his fams not very important.  And who cares when a suc dies :).

But a 663 suc tamed at 584.. nub stare so that idea failed.

fail suc


Daze’s fams are bout 17, 18 levs higher then Klien’s so i thought maybe I’d just use him.

They do work, but i’m healing them pretty often, least once every 2 kills.  Last thing i want to see is a dead fam so 747 is not high enough for fot……

daze at fot


So i decided to try Pali, and guess who does amazing well at fot  :).


Got my gold farmer now and dropped this dxu last night.  (I need to remake dxu collection page on here.  its missing a ton of dxu’s from lack of updates..)

Sweet right?  is to me even if it will only be a dust collector.

white 9



Well, before this weekends power hour started I thought I’d see if i could make 500,000,000 gold in 2 day’s ph at fot.

0 gold and it begins!

zero gold

12 hours later (bout 6.5 actually grinding) and my goal is 50% complete  🙂

250m gold


No nice drops, a few nub items that were good enough for storage, but no keepers for me. Not one u.  That white 9 i dropped a few hrs b4 ph even began… so ya, one of those days.

I made a short vid if any want to see just how easy the gold is made in fot.



What else since last post?

Hall lev’d recently  :).  those are getter rarer higher hall gets.

89 hall



Ah, and sw last week?.. another “no show”

late arrival

Another sneak attack where they show 5 mins till end.

I was pretty pissed and gave this guy an ear full second he got on field, but turns out he was just getting home from work and ran to the field to help his guild.  I talked to this guy prob 15 mins or so after sw and he’s pretty cool in my book.


Well,  guess that’s it for this post Prandel.  Prii has recently made a pretty active blog if your still wanting to read, she is linked on right >>

I’m off to find ways to get some nxu’s  🙂


EDIT:  btw,

This is my 50th blog post  :).  Never knew I’d maintain this thing so long when i started it.   But if I let 10 days pass, I get the pm’s wanting update  🙂

So on it goes!




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4 Responses to New and Improved!

  1. TheRecluse says:

    Even if i’m not playing anymore i enjoy reading ur blog!
    Keep updating =)

  2. Zig says:

    Some amazing updates! this really keeps growing.
    As TheRecluse said, I enjoy a lot reading ur blog!
    Wish i have time to play but… 3 hrs job plus 8 hrs university plus hrs studying plus GF lol. And we all know the amount of time RS demands.
    I will wait for next post 😉

  3. Gloomy says:

    I just saw your video on making NX weapon. How do you get so much Mysterious Stones? I need to know your secret >:P

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