Prems :)

G’ evening Prandel,

I thought i would go ahead and update blog before weekend power hour started.  Gonna try to get 1b in 2 days this weekend  :).  Wish me luck!


Anyway… As title says, prems!.

My premium expired end of January with mains at 576. I’ve been premless for almost 2 months… I did manage to take toons to 609 in this time period with just sd’s tho.

Finally i was able to renew them the other day!

cur levs 3 22

Atm I’m trying to get Daze 600 so i can run all in big mouse sd.  I have been running moli just to make things easier since its 580-620.


So what have i been up to past week?  I got a toolbox for Pali’s NX Apachian.. but it failed…  5 flames gone  :(.

So,  I made 7 pocket prins, figured when i got them to 200 it would be 7 flame stones.

7 prins for flames

They are 53 now i think?

I’ve made soooo many nubs I decided to gave these guys a break.  I’m just tired of plvling.  So they are sleeping atm.  I’ll plvl them here n there and get them to 200 eventually for flames.

Sadly, it’s gonna be a bit before I’m able to unlock the 50% dmg on Apac.



You’d think drops would be better with prem.  But with only 6 mobs a minute killing ancient elves (who can drop very pro stuff), drops are low.  Usually 1-3 light blues per elf.

While I didn’t get a ton of good things, I did get some nice ones  🙂

grain dxu hwagin dxu twilight chrono dxu

3 more dxu’s for my collection in 2 days  :).


ah, and lookie here..

My first NXU drop  🙂

first nx drop


Let’s be honest, dwarf binder kinda sucks, but the nx version really isn’t bad.

binder close up



The +30 health on a ring is actually pretty decent.  I think it will be a nice ring for Val.






Pali himself is starting to get some nice rings.  Like my new shiny?

20 percent dmg ring

20%  😀

With NX apac and all dmg gears equipped, Pali’s pretty mean.

pali current dmg

No oil’s used btw.  Makes me smile when i compare the above to Palis old dmg when he was 95% power (check old “palidor” post).  Only difference is Pali’s far from paper this time around.

Pali can’t match Dave yet (i seen 18k op in his screenies…. damn) But Pal is well on his way for only being 1st rb and low 600’s.




Well, I completed another redstone few days ago.

and yet another rs

Got sp on Klien, Maxed Hp on Don and Val, more hp for Daze and upped Pali’s title.



Hmm, anything else worth mentioning?  Ah, AoG got best pw score its ever seen today.  Actually managed to get full pt on at once for pw instead of 3 or 4 ppl.

best pw to date

So gz to another guild milestone  :).

Sadly we won’t attack tomorrow.. 4th place…..  o well, we grind and improve until next week.

We won sw last week actually  🙂  Its pretty rare to win defending.  Game makes it really hard with doors, strats and emblem all capable of falling in 5 minutes.   But we managed to hold off RSunderground.

won sw defending


K, seems like that’s all the screenies i have atm.  I’m gonna set up  and try to maximize gold and drops in FoT this weekend on ph.  Try to add a bil to my gold.


Good Luck in your travels Prandel!





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  1. Zig says:

    i’m requesting a good sw or gvg video with pal owning 🙂

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