End of white days

G’ evening Prandel, hope everyone’s well.

Let me see whats happened since last update…


Living in FoT cp was a problem.  Drinking pots like candy and dhearts running low i needed a better method.  Gator mentioned Goddess bonus and tnx to a guide Recluse had on his blog i decided to go for it.

So i managed to acquire 12 pets for roughly 500 astros and 750m gold.  Not too bad seeing how useful this has turned out to be.

Ugh, spent hours feeding the damn things.   evolving 12 pets in one night sucks.

feeding pets


Seen this guy here, cool name  :).  For ones that didn’t know Klien and Daze’s fams are named from the FF series.  Actually, so is the name Palidor.

cool name


It took me a few days, but i eventually got the Goddess bonus on Pali. And its been insanely useful to be honest.

goddess bonus



Ya, OG just had another ph event for Easter, 4 days this time.  Nub levs at the start.

start of 3.5

I wanted 650, didn’t get it..

Managed to get into the 641 sd gap tho.

I just don’t have it anymore Prandel.  5 toons at 2 hrs a lev with event.  My 9 hr grinding days are gone.  But I’m happy with 643.  17 pro levs in 4 days is ok for me.

levs at end of ph


I got no pro drops on event.

A fair priest ring.

decent priest ring


1 lousy nub NX the entire event.  (these damn things are rarer then dxu’s for me.)

2nd nx


However gold is always solid in FoT.  even with all my waste i managed to break 1b gold by the end of power hour.

10 gold bars now 🙂

10 bil


So what else to mention?.. oh the gm event from last week.

Guess who won  :).  Ignore the score, the one whose standing in the end is all that matters.

beat gm


Sometimes being guild master is a sucky job.   I get the most annoying pm’s.  Like this guy complaining that he couldn’t have gem room all to himself.  If og forces ppl to share, why does he expect me to do anything bout it?

AoG ks

So i guess AoG is a ks guild because we enforce OG’s rule’s?  w/e cross.


Well…Guild completed another dark part recently as well (my ef’s are retired btw.).  It’s only lev 2 but it actually gives 1% avoid.

Which is cool, something update changed cuz AoG had lev 2 on K2’s server and it gave nothing which is what i was expecting.

more dark parts


Well as the title states, end of my white days.  Instead of grinding 6 hr levels in FoT I’ve decided to do second rb quest and get red tonight.   Go to bout 416 and get 30 min levs in os or small cave.

644 on pali

Managed to get Pali 644 catching other mains so.. next update i make will have some red circle toons  🙂

I’ll cya’s around Prandel, best of luck in your travels.




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2 Responses to End of white days

  1. Blackfang says:

    Awesome post keep them coming 🙂 cant wait to read your next blog!!! Go RB 2!!!

  2. Akiles says:

    OGP does not FORCE anyone to share maps, they “Encourage” it wich is totally different. However, nobody can ask you to leave or own a entire map. You can also refuse to give pt to another player.

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