In the several years I’ve had this blog i’ve never felt the need to single out a player.  But i don’t think I’ve ever met a bigger douche bag either.

I was grinding in Os when Nys mentioned in gc that he wanted a 1 vs 1 gvg with Max.  Told him i was busy.. a few mins later, Max pm’s

max pm


So i figured what the hell, I left alts and I went to gh to set it.

first pm to glvoe

Now me and Glove been good friend’s for a little while. We grinded alot together in the 500 – 600 range.  Anyway, gvg was set and i went to the waiting room. I wanted to watch.


Local chat in waiting room, all there knew i was there to watch.

waiting room local


Entered field

opening gvg chat

So we found each other, Max and Nys got close.   I literally grabbed a seat.  Kron stood right by me, i didn’t think anything of it.  Like the rest i was waiting the minute for the gvg to start.

Wish i recorded it so all could see just how fkn red it was.

But gvg started.  Kron wasted no time to kill me even after i told him i was there to watch, SITTING,  and told him I had on grinding gears, splitter equipped for god sakes.. necro there started spamming debuffs.. and idk what the hell else happened.

It was over in 15 seconds.  I never even took Don or Val.  Nys asked but told him no buffs in a 1 vs 1.





Since Glover was a supposed friend, least I was there for him when he needed I pm’d asking him to kick the asshat.

ask for kick

glove says no

And there you have it.  Glove puts levels before friends.  I removed him from buddy list n told him to do the same.

off list

Really, we might as well gvg Famous.  ATLEAST then we can expect spawn kill in a gvg.

Imperium / Kron and Glover have lost all of my respect.  This falls on you Glove, its Gm’s responsibility to control his guild and since you wont rectify this situation with the kick then..

Let it be known we will never sign another gvg with Imperium and i suggest any that do to be wary.  Imperium has no honor.


Barely knew Kron before this and my black list is almost none existent, but this dik’s made it in a heartbeat.

Spawn kill sitting ppl in a 1 vs 1?  wow you so fn pro Kron.  Welcome to my dbag list.


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another random noob tamer
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8 Responses to Kron

  1. darth says:

    Hes a noob, prob just wanted to say ‘Oh, i killed klien, im pro blablablaa’
    thats why br’s players are so hated, cuz those nabs that dont have honor.. 😦

  2. Pluto says:

    You could have watched the 1v1 death…

  3. Gawain says:

    Sorry kilen
    This message does not relate about ur blog, but my game time and ur game time does not fit. Therefore, I could not reply ur pm. I saw ur offer of Myst stone and I do not have 60 complete stone right now.
    I’ll prepare some days later

  4. Bomina Jey says:

    And this is why we GvG and not 1v1 C:

    • Klien says:

      Community shouldn’t be this way. People are busy doing other things, but a few ppl are free and want to try one vs one. Least they can gvg.

      Then you got asshat’s that come to these and try to kill all the opening second ruining any kind of fun. 620 at a 305ish vs a 305ish one on one? really…..

      Way i see it, it hurts Imp more. With barely 6, 7 guilds to gvg against on this server they lost another. I’ll never sign with Glover again.

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