Crimson days

Sup Prandel,

Like last weeks post mentioned, i went ahead and got 2nd rb  :).

2 rb

Tnx to all that pm’d with the “gz” :).

Got another long road ahead of me, 406 gap, swep 13, spine, barracks, miz,  gem…. o the joys.  But they are faster levs then 641 gap and FoT atleast.


Grinding in Small we seen guild lev again this week.  95!!! Long past the 84 AoG saw old server.  We’ll see triple digits soon i think.

95 hall


I took my team to Ossuary for limit drops.  Ya, its lower xp but with Palis avoid and dmg levs are still pretty damn fast.   29 origin stones on Pal atm.

limit dropPal’s currently 448 tho, to high for Os.  So i went back to fairy’s and they gave me same stone…. A guildie had a good idea that the fairy’s give a different stone every 50 levels. I’ll check them again at 450 and confirm this hypothesis.


I managed to get Pali a new pro pve armor.  Honestly think i stole it at that price.  Ppl say gold it worthless  :).

new pve armor

Oddly enough maybe 2 days later….

safe drop

I get another  🙂


Got 3 sc’s now, one for Val, Klien, n shiny one for Pali.



My drops haven’t been pro past week, but i did manage to land 3 more NX’s for my collection  🙂

3 nx

The whip and rod are nub tbh.  But the Jard armor i got in a chest gives 200 wisdom, its pro leecher armor.


This ones interesting..

Swep 13 on ph with 8 ppl in pt at Pali’s level Ogres are  normally 160k.  Stella1 bought a bell tho… and it Actually worked?  GM’s posted on forums bell is useless on power hour.

bell works on ph

Its so annoying when ppl give bad info, specially when it comes from a GM.  But least now ik bells can make ph really worth while.


Well,  I’m lazy atm hanging in gh with Ray wasting ph  :).

n downtime


I’ve prob made 4 or so vids this week.  I’ll link them here.

Last Forrest of time vid, was just luring all at this point.

2nd rb

Small cave grind

Pro grind


GL with your endeavors Prandel, I’ll cya’s next week.





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3 Responses to Crimson days

  1. Gloomy says:

    You should update your banner on the top of your blog with the new character skins.

  2. Klien says:

    nah, to sentimental :). i like old tamers skin anyway.

  3. Gawain says:

    Gz 2nd rb 😀
    I’m having 46+Stones!!! pm me

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