Swep 13

G’ evening Prandel.


All my nubs around 474 atm.


Been spending alot of time grinding in 13 lately.

Picked up a few guildies in my grind pt helping them out.

Took a 7, 8 man pt a good 45 levs to get

gh 96

Ugh, and that’s not counting others in guild grinding daily.  96 hall tho  :).

Seeing it took more then 5b xp guild total I’m not expecting to see 97 anytime soon.  But we’l get there eventually.


Lev’s are getting slower higher i get past 450, but Gm buff events here n there help out.  I remember when GM’s used to buff.  Now they call it an event…. meh.

gm buffs


Grinded some with flash in 13

with flashHowever, I’m at a bad level atm.  Too low for barracks, too high for 13, no real good lure in Apos.


So figured I’d get ready for barracks grind.  Figured 550ish suc’s be better then 460ish fams.

fail pet

There it is Prandel, for all that thought they’d never see Klien without fams.   It’s finally happened.

I’m just at a point where pet levels don’t matter at all.  Only need to get Klien to 600 for perfect rb.

I have appropriately named these pets if anyone passes me in town or at gh  :).

Also tnx Darth and Sail for helping me get them.  Running all toons myself is annoying.


Um, o ya.  AoG finally has 100 mysts for rank.

bought rest of mysts

However NPC still would not let me upgrade….

found Injin in msn and asked him the problem.

Guess we need lev 4 hall to get higher rank.  Well atleast we have the stones.


I run gd’s on my flame nubs here and there.  Someday they will yield a flame each 🙂

gd flames

Due to a bug in game one toon usually dc’s on entering gd with 8 man pt…..

I’ve got 14 prins coming up tho with gd in storage guilds.  So its fairly easy levs.


Recent ph was fail drop after fail drop…

nub drp

And ofc when ph ends

sonic dxu


DXU wing



nx helm


NX helm, nub but +80 wisdom is nice on it.





Prob why i tend to go for xp on any ph and do item farming without ph.  My drops are always better without ph for some reason.


Well, I’m out of screenies so I’ll cya’s next week.  TC Prandel.


About Klien

another random noob tamer
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