Afternoon Prandel,

I figured it was time to update this.  Got alot of things to mention so hopefully this post don’t get to long.

cur reg levs

My current lev’s.

Ya, Klien has dropped back :(.  OG recently forced me to buy rip cards.

So fine, w/e.  I went to 5 different stores and could only find 3 cards.  Everyone’s sold out for some reason.  Odd since this card sucks.

But anyway, had to drop a toon.  So figured Klien would go premless since i planned to drop him at 600 anyway.  Then he’ll be ready for perfect rb.

I still grind him with pt ofc, but premless and 3 days?  Its already showing.  Thom told me he got around this block thing with getting a pre-paid credit card.  I might look into this.


Let me see?

How many out there remember AoG’s Dark_templar from old server?

Guess whose returned  🙂

random nub returns

Were starting to get the old crew back.  Dark, Zig and Darth are back and in guild playing atleast semi active.

All were missing is Laks, Hand, Gecko, Mean… well guess its alot..


On K2 I was AoG_Mage and AoG_Priest.  When OG took over I decided to go with different names.  Made Donavin and Dark asked me if he could have AoG_Priest name.   Told him it was fine with me.

Time passed, guilds broke, I quit, Dark went to Rosa b4 quitting himself.   Came back and I seen everyone and his brother logging this Priest and its bothered me.  But i’ve forgotten log so it was out of my hands.

When Dark returned tho

rosa property

I conned him into changing logs  :).  Finally hes back where he belongs.  Toons named after AoG guild for pete’s sake

@ nico: rosa property my @ss




Lately I’ve been grinding in barracks and hidden.

Rabil dropped by and i conned him into luring for me.

Ya, pal can easily lure but i get lazy  🙂

lurer at hidden


Got a few nice drops since last post.

Ray mentions in gc he needs a sc.  5 min’s later i dropped one  🙂

easy 40m

I do need a 4th, but Ray needed more, so I sold it.

Easy 40m for me.  Ik its 75m market, but i like to help out guidlies.



Dropped another dxu.

dxu magna

and a few NX’s

climb nx

nx gorgon


I’m starting to get quite a few of these.  Maybe NX isn’t as rare as i originally thought.




Btw, one of AoG’s Vice’s recently made a blog.  Be cool if you stopped in and paid her a visit.

I’ll have to link her on the right.  But for the impatient ppl here’s the url.

bc blog link



BTW, do you have any old logs?  I have received an email from OG.  They are having a comeback event.  Check Here  for info on it.  If you have any log’s you haven’t logged for 6+ months i suggest you log them.

These are some decent prizes.  Just wish i could remember the log that was tied to the email that received this event notice.



K, guess I’ll wrap this post up with monster event.

I was waiting by fountain for it to start and Arc asked if i wanted pt.  Told him nah, didn’t need one really.  Then i saw the “wc” and asked for pt. 🙂

wc in event

Glad i did take it, we had a good pt and it made things easier.

This event will go 5 more times and I’m gonna try to em catch all.  Get loaded up on gdh and dmg oils for Pal and Klien.

First one I didn’t do too bad.  Only 3 gdh, but 50 oils and 2 x-mas boxes.

2 xmas

They were the Lab product only boxes and i got it already so…

Did the next best thing.  Picked the highest lev ones and

nice breaks



Guess I’ll end with a random pm that was worthy of a screenie.

random pm on emb

Me too Dave, me too  :).  The G is over 5 yrs old now.  Only AoG and Unfo have retained the original emblems from K2.


K, waiting for 2nd monster event atm.  Wishing everyone luck in it.


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