Sup Prandel,

Been bout a week since a normal post so figured I’d update and bring u all up to speed.

My current levs atm

cur april levs

Kliens “no-prem” is really showing, not that i care to be honest.  Klien will get 600 eventually from sd alone.  If it takes 3 months then it takes 3 months.

Comparing Pal to Don and Val you can see i dropped them as well.

Carrying 7-8 toons for 70+ levs really wore me out.  Got really sick of the slow levs so i decided to drop all and just grind my favorite toon, which atm is Pali.

The rest can get there with sd’s.   Solo xp is just pro, regardless of rsd 5, pt’ing one toon is still an xp loss.


Since I’m no longer dragging 4 nubs 24/7 i can run gd’s again.  Haven’t b4 cuz with moving 4 toons,.. xp was better just grinding.

Ran with Sail a few times.

back in gd's

And ran a few days with Koola

gd with kool

Gd’s are nice gains, 2 runs a day atm is bout 60% of a lev  🙂


After i won 3 flames from poet contest i started plvling some nubs that were 150+

ugh flammers

Ugh, 1 toon that was 195 took 3 hours to get 200.   I’m beyond sick of this plvling nub thing.

Had a decent amount of mats so i had other options. Got 2 out of 3 successes with 50% hammer.

in ig flame


Eventually I got 10 more flames and nx’d one of Pali’s rings  🙂

close up hollow nx

up to 200 more elem dmg and 2% more instant kill!

Give me bout 3-6 months Prandel. I’m gonna see least 4 more of these gears nx’d.

nx hollow

8% dmg ww, 1/2 health anti, 20% dmg dwarf and 10% dmg hard fist.




Guess I’ll end this post with failed MQ run.

Pali’s ew 5 really sucks, its just nub dmg.  I have a lv 631 nx apac and lv 600 142% dmg ew 7.  But i can’t use them till i gain some levs.

So seen the Pioneer reward from Red devils.

pio rew

Looked promising

Ran 4 nubs down there., thinking I’d stack this reward.

rd run

Took me just over an hr to get 4 nubs there


Figured I’d waste Lights redstone first.

pioneer reward

Reward only lowers gear lev req by 1. Plus its not for transaction……

Stackable to 10, 1 each for every level of redstone hunter title.

So ya, fail reward.  -10 max levs is not that great.


Figured I’d get gold reward on other 3 since i guess this reward raises rsh level.

bow rew

Don Got 700k gold

Klien got 100k gold

Val got 200k gold

O, let me mention running 4 toons down cost me 2m (500k x4)

No rsh+ yet.


Fail rewards….. meh.

Cya’s next week Prandel


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